GPSS Graduate Research Symposium Schedule


Thursday, April 4th, 2024

HUB North Ballroom 

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm  



1:00 pm to 1:20 pm | Welcome from Ella Spurlock (Ph.D. Chemistry Student and GPSS Science and Policy Chair), President Cauce, Bill Mahoney (Associate Dean for Student and Postdoctoral Affairs) 

1:20 pm to 2:20 pm | Lightning Talks (3 Minutes) 

2:20 pm to 2:30 pm | Intermission 

2:30 pm to 3:50 pm | Poster Sessions  

3:50 pm | Closing Remarks from GPSS VP of External Affairs, Nick Juno 


Lightning Talk Order: 

  1. He Ren | Variable Selection and Binary Prediction with Incomplete Data: Balance  between Fairness and Precision
  2. Maeve Riley | Do Preserved Bodies Preserve Ireland: A Study on Bog Bodies and the Assembling of a National Identity
  3. Mallory Hutchings-Tryon | The Evolution of Exclusionary Dress Codes in Washington Public Schools (1930s – Onward)
  4. Jeremy Yuan | A Call for Advocacy and Empathy: A Study of Gay Men in Chinese Dance
  5. Hai Van Le | CEO Compensation Matters for Risk-Taking
  6. Imam Subkhan | Ethnicizing Attire: Unmasking Diversity Narrative in the Political Ritual of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Indonesia
  7. Monica Tschang | The gut microbiome as a mediator of PTSD-like behaviors after blast polytrauma
  8. Saiya Karamali | The Developing Orthographic Conventions of Roman Hindi-Urdu
  9. Frenda Lin | Predicting Stress in Real-World Settings: An Integrated Deep Learning model with EEG Data Analysis
  10. Shyanne King | Investigating APOBEC3 Enzyme Regulation in Cancer
  11. Debosmita Biswas | Diffusion Weighted Imaging: Impact of Alternate Quantitation Approaches for Improving Diagnostic Performance of Breast MRI
  12. Sophie Johnson | Rheology of a foundering arc root from the Northern Andes from naturally deformed xenoliths
  13. Carol Lu | Parental play and language contributions to infant spatial skill development
  14. A.J. Balatico | Access to Advanced Learning in Louisiana High Schools: The Case of AP African American Studies 

Poster Session: 

Ruotong Wang Connected Conversations: Designing Information Artifacts that Bridge between Remote Meetings and Asynchronous Collaboration 1


Bishan “Melody” Yang Centering Voices of People with Multiple Sclerosis to Promote Environments Supporting Community Participation: A Community-engaged Mixed Methods Study 3
Hai Van Le CEO Compensation Matters for Risk-Taking 4
A.J. Balatico Access to Advanced Learning in Louisiana Opportunity High Schools: AP, DE, G/T, H 5
Anastasios (Andy) Tzanidakis Gaia17bpp: A Giant Star with the Deepest and Longest Known Dimming Event 6
Ian Campbell The role of biomolecular building blocks on the cohesion of biomatter plastics 7
Derek Crescenti Donald Byrd Repertory-In-Action: Transmitting Dances Through Creative Process TV Screen
Shyanne King Investigating APOBEC3 Enzyme Regulation in Cancer 9
Nicolai Wohns Biological Clocks, Surrogate Measure Problems, and the Reification of Biological Age 11
Amanda Antoch Host-encoded RNase is required for Type VI CRISPR immunity in Listeria seeligeri 13
Niveditha Kalavakonda Surgical Scene Understanding Towards Human-Centered Collaboration in Robotic Surgery 14
Rthvik Raviprakash Leveraging LLMs for data augmentation on sparse label problems 15
Fasika Hailu Can Perceived Foreignness be Protective for Black Individuals in the U.S.? 16
Tamara Dominguez Characteristics and Post-Injury Community Reintegration of Hispanic Adults with Burn Injuries: A Burn Model System Cohort Study 17



Poster Session Map: