Department of Health Metrics Sciences

Affiliate Appointment/Reappointment Criteria

Affiliate appointments in the Department of Health Metrics
Sciences (HMS) are courtesy (unpaid) appointments and are not benefits
eligible. Appointments are annually renewed at the discretion of the Department
Chair and the voting faculty of the department.


Affiliate faculty duties are as follows:

  • Mentoring, teaching, supervision or direct contribution to
    deliverables for core research products in HMS is required. At minimum, participation
    in one student committee per year, three hours of teaching, or equivalent
    effort in other areas of teaching/lecturing/mentoring; or equivalent direct
    contribution to core research products. Teaching/service opportunities can

    • Serving as a member or chair of a master’s thesis committee,
    • Serving as a member or chair of a doctoral committee,
    • Supervision of IHME research staff, post-bachelor fellows, or HMS
      postdoctoral fellows,
    • Teaching in UW courses, in IHME’s Technical Training, or in
      informal courses or lectures offered at IHME or within HMS.

Contributions to research
products should be analytical and sustained and should drive deliverables.

  • Collaboration on funding proposals, as appropriate.
  • Annually provide an updated CV and augmented CV which lists
    scholarly activity from the previous year, including a summary of HMS


The criteria to be considered as an affiliate faculty member are
as follows:

  1. Meet University of Washington (UW) requirements for affiliate
    faculty, including holding a professorial position at an institution other than
    the UW or equivalent experience in the field to qualify you for the
    professorial rank. More details in the links below:

  2. Display proficiency for engaging in teaching and/or
    mentoring/supervision activities in Health Metrics Sciences, as evidenced by
    prior experience at primary institution or organization.

Application Process

To be considered for an affiliate appointment, please have your faculty contact at HMS send in a referral & recommendation to along with a copy of your CV. You may be asked to provide additional materials at later stages of the application process.

Applications are considered by the HMS A&P Committee on a rolling basis. A&P Committee appointment recommendations are contingent upon Chair approval, department faculty approval (via a vote), and University approvals.