Department of Health Metrics Sciences

How to Apply

The Department of Health Metrics Sciences considers applications for our student degree programs once per year, for entry in Autumn. Generally, applications open on September 1 and close on December 1 of each year. All prospective students are required to apply through the UW Graduate School’s application system here.

Within the application, our programs are listed as:

  • Health Metrics Sciences (MS)
  • Health Metrics Sciences (PhD)

Please note: the Graduate School is currently in the process of updating its application system. All applicants for programs beginning in Autumn 2024 or beyond, including any applicant currently applying to the MS or PhD, must apply here.

For additional information about the admissions process for each program, please review the MS and PhD pages.

Graduate Non-Matriculated Students

HMS accepts Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) applications for both of our programs, with deadlines before every quarter. GNM status allows students to begin taking degree coursework prior to being admitted to a degree program (the MS or PhD). Admittance to HMS as a GNM student does not signal that a student will later be admitted to a degree program. Admissions for GNM and the MS or PhD are entirely separate. However, if a GNM student completes 12 or fewer credits and is later admitted to the MS or PhD they are eligible to have those previously completed credits counted toward the degree requirements of their respective programs. More information about GNM status is available here.

Until Autumn 2024, GNM applicants should apply here.