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Sustainable City

Here's your chance not just to be the mayor, but the original city planner as well! Imagine a medium sized city that would be developed with modern, low carbon transportation in mind, and other strategies to reduce the average citizens' carbon footprints.

What would that city look like? Would that make you more likely to want to live there?

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collective responsibility


I am wondering how large corporations can cut down on carbon and plastic emissions? one of my ideas is that they can start to power larger and larger portions of themselves with alternative forms of energy, such as tidal power.

Alden M

Corporations can transfer to reusable products, such as cardboard and paper. In addition, they can put pressure on politicians, and donate to a Climate Change charity.


also just getting rid of things like the oil industry.


This is a great question Sam, and I agree that they should use alternative forms of energy.


Large companies and corporations can use recyclable & compostable packaging. They can also move to a more sustainable way of generating energy, such as solar panels, wind turbines, etc

Soren FD

This is already a great thread, but I also think companies can stop supporting politicians that are oil-friendly and support politicians that want to make change.

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