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Sustainable City

Here's your chance not just to be the mayor, but the original city planner as well! Imagine a medium sized city that would be developed with modern, low carbon transportation in mind, and other strategies to reduce the average citizens' carbon footprints.

What would that city look like? Would that make you more likely to want to live there?

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Sustainable City

Recent posts:

Sam_nocera   Today 10:27:29 (Last post: Today 10:37:38)
Sustainable cities

Making cities sustainable would provide a huge help to our Global Crisis. Cities consume 80% of the worlds energy and produce more than 60% of the total Carbon emissions and yet they only occupy a small fraction of the earth's surface. We can make cities sustainable by using wind and solar power, recycle and use electric vehicles.

Scarletisafungi   Today 10:35:37

Sam_nocera, I agree with your take on sustainable cities. I think a great attribution to these futuristic cities, would be vertical farms. Vertical farms are indoor growing facilities that have multiple trays of plants and produce, growing vertically on shelves. This consumes less land, fresher and local produce, cutting down on the transportation of these foods. As these could be grown in the heart of the city. These are regularly misted, opposed to using huge amount of water sprinklers. These farms would be extremely beneficial to the environment.

kylev   Today 10:37:38

Cities should be better mixed-in/organized. Communities used to be a lot smaller, but with farms and things you can have a lot of people in one place, however, this causes a need for a lot of energy in a small amount of space, which creates a need to burn fossil fuels. If everything was more mixed together, instead of having lots of different sections for different things, biking would be more convenient and people would probably walk and bike a lot more and cars would be less necessary. Cities should also use a mix of renewable energy. Solar panels are good but take up a lot of space, hydroelectricity is also good but has an impact on water creatures, wind also takes up a lot of space. Using them together would create more renewable energy.

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masuBOD   2021-04-29 10:06:05 (Last post: Today 10:35:05)
Electric Transportation

I think our community should start using more electric transportation such as cars, buses, trains, and start carpooling or walking more. This will contribute to our earth by polluting less and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses. We have the technology for fully electric and sustainable cars so we should use it more and advertise to our community how much better it is for the environment and it's also financially stable.

wimuBOD   2021-05-02 17:39:33

I completely agree with your ideas about electric vehicles. However, it is not as simple as it seems. There are numerous reasons why people in our communities don't use electric vehicles. I think the main deterrent in private transportation is price. In most communities, money is a large issue for families. Purchasing expensive electric cars to only slightly change your carbon footprint is not worth it to many families. The main issue with larger, commercial transportation is also issues with money. To large companies, switching to electric vehicles only loses the company money. With investors watching their every move, large companies feel pressured to do everything they can to make money; even if it means destroying the environment. The best way to overcome these monetary issues is to have company leaders that are not 100% driven by money. If CEOs are concerned about the planet, they could reduce costs for electric vehicles even if it loses their company money.

https://www.nrdc.org/stories/electric-v … r-drive-ev
https://www.automobilemag.com/news/elec … n-america/
https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/why … %20anxiety.
https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesmorri … 862a8d16f4

fletch   Today 09:19:17

There is already a lot more electric cars and i would also love to see more, and more electric buses and trains.

Sand James   Today 10:32:49

I love this idea! Electric monorails buses can cars could be a huge part of the solution.

Sam_nocera   Today 10:35:05

I totally agree, making vehicles electric would help a lot.

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alexaseeman   Today 09:19:23 (Last post: Today 10:21:21)
what needs to happen

in my city, the highest carbon footprint that we leave on average is in the home category. this is because lights are left on, things are kept plugged in, and things are used more than needed. as a whole, we need to figure out ways to cut down the carbon footprint within homes. I think we could work on getting more efficient lights and appliances in houses that will limit the amount of carbon released into the air.

pippaharpster   Today 09:36:47

You are so right!

yhluca   Today 10:21:21

riding bikes, electric cars, solar power, and recycling can do a lot to help as well

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samdole   Yesterday 11:48:07 (Last post: Today 09:27:20)
collective responsibility

I am wondering how large corporations can cut down on carbon and plastic emissions? one of my ideas is that they can start to power larger and larger portions of themselves with alternative forms of energy, such as tidal power.

Alden M   Yesterday 22:24:38

Corporations can transfer to reusable products, such as cardboard and paper. In addition, they can put pressure on politicians, and donate to a Climate Change charity.

Jaewon   Today 09:03:26

also just getting rid of things like the oil industry.

fletch   Today 09:17:42

This is a great question Sam, and I agree that they should use alternative forms of energy.

sarapolicar   Today 09:23:50

Large companies and corporations can use recyclable & compostable packaging. They can also move to a more sustainable way of generating energy, such as solar panels, wind turbines, etc

Soren FD   Today 09:27:20

This is already a great thread, but I also think companies can stop supporting politicians that are oil-friendly and support politicians that want to make change.

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setukyBOD   2021-05-22 15:19:21 (Last post: Yesterday 22:35:28)
Nuclear Power As a Sustainable Energy Source

Most people when they hear about nuclear fusion as a power source they associate it with being dangerous and especially bad for the environment. What most people don't realize is just how efficient and environmentally friendly nuclear power actually is. Yes, you heard that right. As ridiculous as it sounds, nuclear power plants actually produce no carbon dioxide, the leading gas that contributes to the atmosphere. According to energysage.com, energy.gov, and various other sources, nuclear power is actually extremely efficient. One uranium pellet that is less than one inch can produce as much energy as one ton of coal, and 120 barrels of oil. The following quote is from energysage.com, the website I cited earlier. "According to the Department of Energy, a typical nuclear facility producing 1,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity takes up about one square mile of space. Comparatively, a wind farm producing the same amount of energy takes 360x more land area, and a large-scale solar farm uses 75x more space. That’s 431 wind turbines or 3.125 million (!!!) solar panels." This quote alone showcases the true efficiency of nuclear power. Sadly, as you would expect, (since it is so efficient and yet not the leading source of energy) it has as many pros as it does cons. Again, according to energysage.com, nuclear reactors are powered by uranium, which is technically not renderable. This is because uranium is an element found in the earth's crust, and therefore it is limited, of course. It also takes energy to mine it, therefore having negative effects as well. Since it is powered by uranium, it produces nuclear waste, as you would expect. This waste is highly radioactive, which means it takes a lot of money to package it safely away. Again, as you would expect, it is also very dangerous. Finally, to add onto the money problem, while nuclear reactors don't take much money to run while they are already built, building them is a whole other story; very expensive. In conclusion, nuclear reactors would probably be one of the best solutions to this energy crisis without these cons. One day, if we manage to find a safer, more renewable and yet just as efficient energy source for these reactors, it may be just the solution we are looking for.

Alden M   Yesterday 22:35:28

In addition, carbon emissions actually cause more deaths than nuclear reactors. Though, yes, some people have died from meltdowns, have suffered cancer among other things, more people have suffered through pollutants, lung diseases, and similar horrible effects.

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max_tahiti   2021-09-22 19:22:53 (Last post: Yesterday 07:34:45)
Sustainable City in French Polynesia

Hi everyone.
As far as we are concerned here in French Polynesia, redirecting our city towards a sustainable model is somehow a hard task. In fact, as an island (supported by other country, yes...) it is still hard for us and our government to change what has been our way of living for years.
And on one hand, i think it's the same problem for everyone.
That's why i think that today, the problem is not really about how to change and improve our green behaviour in order to go towards this "sustainable city model" that everyone supports, but more about how to make people's mind evolved and convince them with this new model.
Green countries such as Denmark try this new trend years ago and today, are a real model concerning this way of developing. That's why we have to keep up our efforts.

Madda   2021-09-23 06:19:18

ciao sono d'accordo con te sarà difficile far coinvolgere la gente con questo nuovo modello di svilupparsi

Carly marfe   Yesterday 07:34:45

Ciao anche io sono d’accordo penso che sviluppare una mentalità adeguato alla sostenibile e davvero difficile.
Le persone non riescono a rendersi conto della gravità in cui vive il nostro pianeta il governo deve continuare a sensibilizzare la popolazione

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Jade Aspinas   2021-09-22 19:22:48
Sustainable City

We have destroyed the flora by burning trees in order to built block of flat and for other project, it is a fact.
Maybe we can counterbalance by building block of flat which will include plants in a ubiquitous way in order to "replace" the trees we have burnt. We can already see that type of project in Milan, Italy. I think it is a good project which has a bright future

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mcmoBOD   2021-05-15 21:15:02
Sustainable City

Our current environment is loaded with human caused greenhouse gases, which come from burning fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, and petroleum. In a city where I would be mayor, I would promote urban agriculture. It would shorten supply chains meaning the amount of Co2 emitted from transporting goods would also decrease. I would also have a good plan for reducing and managing food waste, with loads of recycling. I would get electrical public transportation and other huge moving devices to decrease the amount of
Co2 that comes from cars and buses. I would also join with many charities so that if people want to help and donate, there will be many resources. Clean energy with solar panels and wind energy. Planting many trees and many other plants that helps with the Co2.

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Bottaccio   2021-05-13 23:25:30
The world will be a better place...

The world will be a better place if people don't smoke and don't change telephone each time the new model comes out

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SashaRoberts   2021-05-08 20:10:16
Wants or Needs?

According to https://www.sustainyourstyle.org/old-en … al-impacts, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter globally. It accounts for 10% of total carbon emissions, due to chemicals being released during the process of growing the cotton, making the clothes, and transporting the clothes. Not to mention, the amount of clothing that gets thrown away. The fashion industry also needs an excessive amount of water to grow the cotton/materials as well as produce the actual clothing. Personally, I have made an effort to cut back on fast fashion. I mostly buy second hand, and sell/donate products that I don't want. However, fast fashion companies and big corporations still play a part in my life. Some options to cut back include: Shopping at thrift stores, estate sales, or buying reused items online. Donating your clothing items to second hand stores, or selling them online. You could also upcycle/create your own clothes! In the end, no one is perfect, but I think you should try your best to shop as sustainably as you can, and realize if you need it or want it.

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AmbraR   2021-05-06 08:25:11

I think sustainable cities are a great idea to the environment. I guess it’s better use renewable energy sources like solar panels wich capture the  power of sunlight and convert it into electricity.
I have solar panels too. Another important renewable energy source is the hydroelectric energy wich transform the power of the moving water and turn it into electricity.
But the most important  thing  to a sustainable city I guess  is the recycling. In the future I hope all of us will to have an hybrid car to save the environment my dad already has it.

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albo24   2021-05-03 22:51:53 (Last post: 2021-05-03 22:52:55)
Sustainable Ciity

I think a sustainable city would have more popularized green methods of transportation and events promoting it. Bill Henry from PeakOil.net says “Vehicles are America’s biggest air quality compromisers, producing about one-third of all U.S. air pollution,” National Geographic asserts. “The smog, carbon monoxide, and other toxins emitted by vehicles are especially troubling because they leave tailpipes at street level, where humans breathe the polluted air directly into their lungs. That can make auto emissions an even more immediate health concern than toxins emitted high in the sky by industrial smokestacks.” So in a sustainable city they would want to have greener methods of transportation as vehicles cause so much air pollution. I think the city would make it easier to walk or bike to places. I also think the sustainable city would make it easier to take public transportation places as to lower air pollution from the city. Next I assume the sustainable city would have events promoting green transportation such as an event I had at my Elementary School. The even consisted of having a big poster on the yard in the morning and when we got to school we would put a sticker in column that said the type of transportation we took. It was very heavily encouraged to take green transportation to school and at least in my personal experienced it worked. The event got me educated about green methods of transportation and I tried to be as green as I could that week with my transportation. I think the city's main transportation system being green would make me want to live in the city as I want to do what's best for my planet so less species, plant and people suffer.

albo24   2021-05-03 22:52:55

*Sustainable City not Sustainable Ciity

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