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Sustainable City

Here's your chance not just to be the mayor, but the original city planner as well! Imagine a medium sized city that would be developed with modern, low carbon transportation in mind, and other strategies to reduce the average citizens' carbon footprints.

What would that city look like? Would that make you more likely to want to live there?

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what needs to happen


in my city, the highest carbon footprint that we leave on average is in the home category. this is because lights are left on, things are kept plugged in, and things are used more than needed. as a whole, we need to figure out ways to cut down the carbon footprint within homes. I think we could work on getting more efficient lights and appliances in houses that will limit the amount of carbon released into the air.


You are so right!


riding bikes, electric cars, solar power, and recycling can do a lot to help as well


I agree. I also think solar power is a great solution to use if you can afford to.

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