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Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

The ISCFC is all about reducing our individual and collective contributions to climate change.

But is climate change really happening? Is it mostly caused by human activity, including our production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases?

In the United States and elsewhere, there are people who are not convinced by the science. But the great thing about science is that we use evidence to evaluate scientific questions. So what is the evidence related to climate change?

Are you or are you not convinced by the majority of climate scientists who say that climate change is real and largely human caused? Why are you convinced/not convinced? What evidence might change your mind one way or the other?

Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused? >

Is climate change real and human caused


Climate change is most definetly real and human caused.  Humans have burned fossil fuels, chopped down trees for animal agriculture and many more. The temperature has increased by one degree which might not seem like much but it has raised the sea level by metres. One degree being raised has caused the glaciers to melt which is the reason of the sea level being raised. Many places in the world could get flooded by our incompetence which is the reason why we should be aware of climate change's existance and do something about it.


The whole situation just makes me really disappointing in humanity. It's utterly embarrassing how ignorant and incompetent the general populous is.

Hannah Le

Most people ignore the fact that our planet is dying, and it's embarrassing how they don't believe scientific research, it's ignorant. The glaciers melting is just some points being proven. The way we are living is unexceptionable.


I feel like a lot of the time society and the media try to sugar coat climate change and because of that a lot of people don't think it's something they should be worried about or something that's a big deal. It has gotten to the point where humans can't ignore it any longer, and I agree that it's really embarrassing that people don't believe in it.


this is so ture, a lot of the time media covers things up and makes things seem better than they actually are. It's frustrating seeing how people aren't trying very hard slove the issue at hand.


I agree, climate change has been caused by humans and we haven't really done too much to try and stop it.


I have done some research and I have found that actually, the technical majority believes in climate change (51% of global populous). The problem is that the other 49% just doesn’t wanna hear it. They don’t want to believe that climate change is any more than an idea made up by governments for reasons not even they can say (because they don’t exist!). Some words of wisdom that perfectly describe this dilemma: “One cannot use reason to dissuade someone from a conclusion that they did not use reason to reach.”


I think the amount of people wanting to end climate change aren't doing whats needed to help. They might influence some people to help but overall people all around the world are making things worst because it "doesn't effect them".


Sadly what the average civilian can do isn't very useful because it's mostly the large companies that are causing climate change so the most we can do is urge said companies to go more clean.

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