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Wants or Needs?

Is having the latest technology a want or a need?

How often do you get a new cel phone or mp3 player? Did you really need a new model? Do you consider the environmental impact of these purchases? If you are addicted, how can you break your addiction?

Wants or Needs? >

Wants or Needs?


I think that buying the latest technology any time something new releases is definitely a want not a need. It's both bad for the environment and bad for your financial status to keep buying new devices even though your old ones still work and are up to date.


I agree, I feel that the need to buy the new model every year is a terrible for the environment and it makes so much unneeded e-waste for the planet. It's sad how phone companies almost encourage by making the releasing so many new phones so these people always buy them; Phone companies make so much money from the idea so it's not they are going to discourage it.


@LucasCa, I agree about the phone companies having to take some of the blame for the e-waste and carbon footprint by pushing out new phones all the time.  It would be great to hear about what these companies are doing to offset their carbon footprints or how they're doing something for our planet instead of just taking to make their products.  Bottom line it's about profit for them.  But I guess as long as we keep buying they'll keep making and selling.


yup i totally agree with this but sometimes you just gotta get a new one when your old one breaks or the battery health is just bad
i personally just dont understand why you would have to get the new model the moment it comes out. it just seems unreasonable to me as each phone creates a lot of co2 omissions when it was made


I definitely agree with this take. One thing that I can also agree with overall is the concept of wants versus needs, because for the most part the stuff that causes a ton of emissions is wants and not needs. If we learned to cut down on certain things we buy and use, and the ways that we travel, we could significantly decrease our footprint.

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