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Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

The ISCFC is all about reducing our individual and collective contributions to climate change.

But is climate change really happening? Is it mostly caused by human activity, including our production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases?

In the United States and elsewhere, there are people who are not convinced by the science. But the great thing about science is that we use evidence to evaluate scientific questions. So what is the evidence related to climate change?

Are you or are you not convinced by the majority of climate scientists who say that climate change is real and largely human caused? Why are you convinced/not convinced? What evidence might change your mind one way or the other?

Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused? >

We have killed our planet


Our planet is on the verge of destruction. If we humans keep up our bad habits for a few more decades, we will officially polute the planet with harmful gasses, and rid our planet of resources. We need to support elon musk and transport over to mars.


hello ganpoop, I disagree with you because Elon Musk is bad.

Carlos Armenta Ruiz

I agree with you that we have had destroying our planet. We as humans need to be more precise of how we live on this planet because we only have one.

Bryson D.

I disagree with your view on transporting to mars. I think we should instead transport over to Venus. I heard the weather is lovely this time of the year!


Your points are valid and the argument makes sense but the thing I have to disagree on is traveling to Mars. I would rather go to Pluto

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