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Wants or Needs?

Is having the latest technology a want or a need?

How often do you get a new cel phone or mp3 player? Did you really need a new model? Do you consider the environmental impact of these purchases? If you are addicted, how can you break your addiction?

Wants or Needs? >

Needs ≠ Wants


When we're shopping, we might get carried away with the number of items we buy. We could see a really good deal or perhaps just be captivated by a certain object and tell ourselves something along the lines of "my life depends on whether or not I get it." But the waste we eventually cause with the clutter we give away causes a negative impact on the environment. By reusing the things we already have, we reduce our environmental impact. And by buying less, we not only help the planet—but we also leave a little more money in our pocket.

Bryson D.

I 100% agree with this. I feel that I sometimes am guilty of this myself, for when I'm at the mall especially I'll often find myself getting carried away with buying things that I don't necessarily need. I think if people living in richer countries (such as the United States) could learn to live more simple and less lavish lifestyles, that would be a great step towards climate change, as it would mean that less products are being manufactured.


Buying what we need is environmental friendly, but at the same time, I notice that it is opposite what marketing is usually aiming for. Marketing is to make customers feel that they need something and create anxiety, leading them to buy the product to cure that anxiety. I wonder if marketing could be used to compensate for this harm to the enviroment.


Yeah, I also get caught up in shopping sometimes too. I like buying a lot of food from Costco because I'm always hungry, but I try to pay attention to how much I buy and where I buy it from.


I feel like this just goes without saying, yet we don't pay enough attention to this aspect of society and environmental disregard

Ben Mark

I agree with this as well. I think a lot of the things that people buy are not actually necessary, and in many instances people will buy things that they only use once and then throw away or forget about.

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