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ISCFC Schools in the News!

Many ISCFC classes have been featured in their local newspapers and on local TV shows. Please post any stories that describe your participation in the ISCFC or any other environmental projects.

You can post stories in the original language used, and we can use Google Translate to see the article in another language. You can use links to post YouTube videos of your project.

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Try to use less pollution


Everyone should try to pollute less because pollution is killing person and the world is getting hotter.
Try to use more public transportation, eat less meat, uses train instead of plans.
Try to use less water and less electricity .
If everyone does at least this efforts it will change a lot the world and we need to act now


You are so right. Team Frenche!

Dahlia G

I agree ! You are right !! ( Cloclo_Bear tu m'a copier pour le truc Team France ... )


Umm non. Team french

Dahlia G

Ummm si

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