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ISCFC Schools in the News!

Many ISCFC classes have been featured in their local newspapers and on local TV shows. Please post any stories that describe your participation in the ISCFC or any other environmental projects.

You can post stories in the original language used, and we can use Google Translate to see the article in another language. You can use links to post YouTube videos of your project.

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ISCFC Schools in the News!

Recent posts:

sbellanger   2021-04-30 05:22:15
Our school website page on sustainable development
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EthanCabrera   2021-04-28 11:58:44

I use reusable bags when I shop for groceries. I compost and grow plants in my backyard. I also recycle properly.

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Diegomora   2020-11-06 10:56:45 (Last post: 2021-01-11 20:59:50)
Throw your trash in the trashcan

Most of us dont think how important our planet is. We need to put the trash on the right place, not in the river or nature. We need to protect our planet, and together we wiil make the plante great again! if you have questions, let me now and we can talk about this!

Joshua Ugalde   2020-11-08 18:46:34

I think you are right without mentioning that tons of garbage are thrown into the oceans that the sea carries them to shore and takes away the beauty of the world's beaches.

Hmyers   2021-01-11 20:59:50

I agree especially with recyclable materials it's so easy to find a trash/recycle bin and if something is recycled properly it can be repurposed which is great for the environment

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Anasofmonge   2020-11-06 10:35:02 (Last post: 2020-11-08 18:58:19)
Do the change

Recycle the things you can, one thing has more than one use. Instead of throwing way your stuff, you should give them a second chance.

Joshua Ugalde   2020-11-08 18:58:19

Can I make a pot out of a bottle?

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Santi1504   2020-11-06 11:10:25 (Last post: 2020-11-06 11:24:46)
Reuse paper

When we print documents or write on a our notebook and then we stop using that paper we usually throw it away in the trash. Well you can repurpose that paper. I have seen a lot of videos doing this and it’s very cool. What you have to do is cut the paper in small pieces then put them in your blender with water, then blend that paper and you’re going to end up with a mixture. Take that into a sieve and strain the water, then put that mass into a rectangular mold and let it dry. When it dries out you’ll have a hard piece of paper and write or paint or draw.

Maxrc   2020-11-06 11:24:46

Wow, I never thought about that, that is also another important aspect. Also, that method to reuse paper seem very good! Someday I will try it!

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samboro15   2020-11-06 10:33:20 (Last post: 2020-11-06 10:44:28)

My ISCFC is kind of higher than the other people in my region but i will try to change some things so i can do better for this planet.

Anasofmonge   2020-11-06 10:44:28

Yo can try using less your car, or recycling more!

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Castro   2020-11-05 17:44:31 (Last post: 2020-11-06 10:36:43)
Isaac Castro

I recommend that you reduce everything to save our planet and thus save more

Castro   2020-11-05 17:47:43


samboro15   2020-11-06 10:36:43

i think this is a good recommendation, Thank You.

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Ryan2754   2020-09-30 07:32:25
Humans are making the environment bad

humans are making the environment bad mainly because of how they are treating the earth we are making so much carbon causing global warming/climate change and were doing nothing to try to fix it. some reasons are deforestation, over farming/hunting and the polluting that happens.

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PamMiller   2020-09-25 18:30:20
Bishop O’Dowd Posts (BOD)

Dear BOD Students, It is wonderful to see your posts with supporting resource links. Many thanks!

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josiea   2019-10-17 09:22:39 (Last post: 2020-03-13 12:38:55)
My School

How can my school make a big impact?

WyattFT   2019-10-17 09:26:13

I’d also like to know this. I feel like it’s hard to make an impact with such a big group of people and not resources like recycling or compost everywhere we go. Some people aren’t as informed and don’t know that’s its very important to do these things.

apoo   2020-03-05 02:59:16

I think every school has an impact, but it can be good or bad. If a WHOLE school recycles and stops using plastic it could have a GREAT impact! That is my opinion, tell me if u agree...

EmaSafaric   2020-03-05 06:23:39

I agree with u but for example we recycle in my school but everyday I see plastic being thrown in paper bags and paper being thrown where plastic should be. Its really sad and unfortunate some people cant really see how much our planet and climate is suffering because of this little mistakes

terantiller   2020-03-13 10:23:48

I think schools can be a big impact because if more people put effort to recycle plastic it would definitely make some type of impact but nowadays most people dont really care for that type of stuff.

Kati-Lyn   2020-03-13 12:38:55

We should get recycling bins instead of just throwing everything away.

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Soso27   2020-03-05 03:00:09 (Last post: 2020-03-13 02:58:06)
Try to use less pollution

Everyone should try to pollute less because pollution is killing person and the world is getting hotter.
Try to use more public transportation, eat less meat, uses train instead of plans.
Try to use less water and less electricity .
If everyone does at least this efforts it will change a lot the world and we need to act now

Cloclo_Bear   2020-03-12 02:36:40

You are so right. Team Frenche!

Dahlia G   2020-03-12 09:28:23

I agree ! You are right !! ( Cloclo_Bear tu m'a copier pour le truc Team France ... )

Cloclo_Bear   2020-03-13 02:15:15

Umm non. Team french

Dahlia G   2020-03-13 02:58:06

Ummm si

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hhuseth23   2020-03-03 09:56:51 (Last post: 2020-03-05 02:53:55)
Are greenhouse gasses real?

Greenhouse gases are gases built up to collect heat in the atmosphere to grow plants. The gases in the atmosphere trap heat close to the surface of the Earth to warm the planet. In 1896, a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius was the first to connect a rise in carbon dioxide gas from burning fossil fuels with a warming effect. On Earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse. Over the last century the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil has increased the concentration of atmospheric CO2. This affects your carbon footprint because your carbon footprint is how much CO2 you add into the atmosphere.

Owen-horse   2020-03-05 02:53:55

What are they?

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