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September 2021 ISCFC Teacher Planning and Discussion

Welcome teachers!! Please REGISTER on the forum (using the 'Log in / Join' link in the banner at above right), and then use this discussion to introduce yourself to the other teacher participants in the ISCFC. In so doing, you can practice posting and commenting on other posts.

If you have any Footprint resources to share among the group, please post them here.

To find all the teacher resources related to the ISCFC, go to the ISCFC Teacher Participation page.


Welcome to the September 2020 ISCFC! We hope that the act of measuring their carbon footprints will help make students mindful of their personal impact and empower them to take action.
Please check the RESOURCES link at the top of the opening page of the ISCFC. You will find a wealth of references to help students build on their ISCFC experience.


Thank you, Pam!

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