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April 2021 ISCFC Teacher Planning and Discussion

Welcome teachers!! Please REGISTER on the forum (using the 'Log in / Join' link in the banner at above right), and then use this discussion to introduce yourself to the other teacher participants in the ISCFC. In so doing, you can practice posting and commenting on other posts.

If you have any Footprint resources to share among the group, please post them here.

To find all the teacher resources related to the ISCFC, go to the ISCFC Teacher Participation page.

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Teacher Planning Discussion

Recent posts:

PamMiller   2021-04-22 13:12:31 (Last post: 2021-04-23 01:15:55)
Happy Earth Day

Dear ISCFC Partner Teachers,
Thank you for including your students in the ISCFC and helping them understand their personal role in fighting climate change. We believe that in calculating their carbon footprint, students become mindful of how their everyday choices can make significant impacts on the well-being of Planet Earth.
Cheers to you and your students!

kathi2601   2021-04-23 01:15:55

Happy Earth day!

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sbellanger   2021-04-20 01:31:26
Hello from Cholet France

Hi everyone ! I am an English teacher in a high school in a medium-size town in the west of France ( Cholet)  and am taking the challenge with a  class of 31 students in year 11 ( boys and girls) who all follow an advanced English programme with an extra hour of English per week ( total 4h) and a subject taught in English in their curriculum which can be maths, History and Geography or PE in our school ( for another extra hour). The protection of the environment is part of our curriculum as language teachers and I thought this challenge would highly motivate them. We will try in the dicussion forum to tell you about our high school which has been certified for its sustainable development approach for three years now and is working on new projects to pursue this goal. We have just been granted the highest level of certification possible, but there's a lot more we can do .
Looking forward to exchanging with you all !

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wlicopoli   2021-02-18 06:14:57 (Last post: 2021-02-19 09:25:18)
Hello from Philadelphia.

I will have one class posting results (~20 students).  Hope all are staying safe!

hodin   2021-02-19 09:25:18

Dear Will, great to have you and your new students from Philly back this session!

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kmeyer1   2021-02-18 13:45:10 (Last post: 2021-02-19 09:21:07)
Hello from Florida

Hello! I teach community college in Jacksonville, Florida and I have one small class that will be participating this semester.  Looking forward to interactions from many countries! 

Karen Meyer

hodin   2021-02-19 09:21:07

Warm welcome back to you and your new students, Karen!

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britneyhouse1234   2021-02-16 07:08:41 (Last post: 2021-02-19 09:17:39)

I teach 8th and 9th grade science at Morris Area High school in Morris, MN. This is our first time participating in this discussion and activity.  We are working with our Germany Partners in Saerbeck to compare our footprints as well.

hodin   2021-02-19 09:17:39

Dear Britney - great to have you and your students join.  Please make sure to report back here on your co-discoveries with the Saerbeck students.

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PamMiller   2020-09-15 16:46:33 (Last post: 2020-09-27 12:29:29)

Welcome to the September 2020 ISCFC! We hope that the act of measuring their carbon footprints will help make students mindful of their personal impact and empower them to take action.
Please check the RESOURCES link at the top of the opening page of the ISCFC. You will find a wealth of references to help students build on their ISCFC experience.

kmeyer1   2020-09-27 12:29:29

Thank you, Pam!

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cvonsy   2020-08-27 01:46:37 (Last post: 2020-08-27 07:24:30)
let's save a date

hello! I am a teacher in Tahiti and would like to plan a date for my ESL students (aged 18 to 20) to exchange with other students on the discussion forums at specific times.
Tuesday 8 September, 10am-12pm (Hawaii time)
Wednesday 9 September, 10am-12pm (Hawaii time)
Thursday 10 September, 1pm-3pm (Hawaii time)
Friday 11 September, 9am-11am (Hawaii time)

anyone interested and available?


hodin   2020-08-27 07:24:30

Great idea!  Teachers from around the world can use this time zone converter to see what times Caroline suggests above are in your own time zone:
https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ … 000&p1=103

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alywolf   2020-03-18 11:20:56 (Last post: 2020-03-19 19:36:37)
Hello from La Push.. Schools might be closed but we continue on...

His this is Alice Ryan the 7-12 science teacher from La Push Washington... still trying to figure out what I am doing... and then COVID19....

GothBoi   2020-03-19 12:01:56

well you found something for us to do

hodin   2020-03-19 19:36:37

Welcome Alice and Quileute Tribal School students!  We're glad to offer something engaging for you all to do while school is out.

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JohnHunterFHS   2020-02-26 18:07:31 (Last post: 2020-03-18 11:41:11)
Hello from Forks

I teach Biology and Marine Science at Forks High School in Forks Washington.

hodin   2020-03-01 14:44:36

welcome John!  Looking forward to meeting your students here !

alywolf   2020-03-18 11:22:07

Hey John.... I see your little flag on the map... but alas not sure how to get mine up there. I read the directions but I must be missing something.

hodin   2020-03-18 11:33:14

Hello Alice!  You can find all of the participation information (including the steps to submit your class data and a whole lot more) by clicking the "participate" link at the top of any page on the ISCFC site -and then open up the "Teacher Participation Steps".

For the data in particular leading to a map pin, you need to:

1) gather the data from all of your students.  On the first conclusion page there is a link for your students to email their data to you -- which is how most teachers gather their students' summary data (total footprint and the 4 categories - home, food, purchases, transport.

2. Fill out the spreadsheet that you can download at this link
https://depts.washington.edu/i2sea/docs … ations.xls

Note that we ask you to fill your information in the upper yellow field, and your students' data in the lower field.  The student name column is for you- put in there whatever you like, we do not post individual student information, just the compiled data.

3. email the completed spreadsheet to me (hodin(at)uw.edu)

4. There is a guide to filling out the spreadsheet at this link:
https://depts.washington.edu/i2sea/docs … ctions.pdf

let me know if you have any questions!

hodin   2020-03-18 11:35:09

(note that we are hoping to one day soon automate the process of posting map pins based on submitted data from students who selected their school when they did their calculations... as soon as we have funding for that, we'll implement it!)

alywolf   2020-03-18 11:41:11

thanks, I read through the teacher participation info but it just didnt make sense there... Its me not you I am sure.

but what you wrote here makes sense and now that students are able to e-mail me here is hoping.

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kginsberg   2019-09-17 16:38:14 (Last post: 2019-09-18 19:07:20)
Greetings from Berkeley CA

Greetings from Crowden School in Berkeley CA.
My students and I are participating in the Youth Climate Strike this Friday by educating younger members (4-7th grade) of our community about the science of climate change and things each and every one of them can do to make a difference.
This was completely generated by my students in Leadership. These are also the students who participated in the ISFC challenge last spring.
I am thrilled to be supporting these young people in speaking up, out, and educating those around them.
I look forward to their revisiting the ISFC and seeing if the changes they proposed/made as a result of last year, changed the outcome this year.

hodin   2019-09-18 19:07:20

please post about the climate strike - or encourage your students to do so!

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ahamel@etc.k12.mi.us   2019-09-17 17:57:58 (Last post: 2019-09-18 19:00:41)
Hello from the UP!

I am a middle and high school teacher at a small rural school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (we call it the UP). I teach 7th-11th grade, but will be focusing on Biology students for this project. I have been attempting to start a recycling program at our school, which is difficult because the closest recycling place is pretty far away and in the opposite direction I travel to school. I commute 140 miles a day to teach at my school, therefore, i anticipate my own carbon footprint to be high. Are teachers able to add to the footprint calculator?

hodin   2019-09-18 19:00:41

Hello and welcome to the ISCFC!  Yes, anyone can calculate their footprints and save their data with our calculator -- including teachers smile

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kmeyer1   2019-09-17 09:32:15 (Last post: 2019-09-18 18:33:42)
Hello from Florida, USA

I live in Jacksonville Florida, U.S., and teach at St. Johns River State College in Orange Park, Florida.  We are happy to be participating, having just dodged Hurricane Dorian and losing four days of school.  My students are in environmental science and will be doing their carbon footprint calculation today and Thursday (Sept. 17 and Sept. 19).  We are looking forward to this fall's carbon footprint calculation!

testuser123   2019-09-18 18:33:42

We'd love to hear about your students' experience with hurricanes, and glad this one missed you.  Very sad for everyone in the Bahamas though!

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