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Sustainable City

Here's your chance not just to be the mayor, but the original city planner as well! Imagine a medium sized city that would be developed with modern, low carbon transportation in mind, and other strategies to reduce the average citizens' carbon footprints.

What would that city look like? Would that make you more likely to want to live there?

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Electric Transportation


I think our community should start using more electric transportation such as cars, buses, trains, and start carpooling or walking more. This will contribute to our earth by polluting less and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses. We have the technology for fully electric and sustainable cars so we should use it more and advertise to our community how much better it is for the environment and it's also financially stable.


I completely agree with your ideas about electric vehicles. However, it is not as simple as it seems. There are numerous reasons why people in our communities don't use electric vehicles. I think the main deterrent in private transportation is price. In most communities, money is a large issue for families. Purchasing expensive electric cars to only slightly change your carbon footprint is not worth it to many families. The main issue with larger, commercial transportation is also issues with money. To large companies, switching to electric vehicles only loses the company money. With investors watching their every move, large companies feel pressured to do everything they can to make money; even if it means destroying the environment. The best way to overcome these monetary issues is to have company leaders that are not 100% driven by money. If CEOs are concerned about the planet, they could reduce costs for electric vehicles even if it loses their company money.

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There is already a lot more electric cars and i would also love to see more, and more electric buses and trains.

Sand James

I love this idea! Electric monorails buses can cars could be a huge part of the solution.


I totally agree, making vehicles electric would help a lot.

DesmondT (Canada)

I agree with part of your opinion it is great that humans are trying to find more sustainable energy source. However, there is one problem. From what I hear lithium ion batteries aren't fully sustainable either. EV companies are running out of options and are even thinking of getting lithium from the ocean.
Feel free to correct me if i have something misinterpreted.


Electric cars are a greate way to stop air pollution by dangerous fumes.There are some difficulties with this types of cars, like a high price and expensive electricity.I hope, in a short time these problems will solved and all cars will be electric.

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