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Wants or Needs?

Is having the latest technology a want or a need?

How often do you get a new cel phone or mp3 player? Did you really need a new model? Do you consider the environmental impact of these purchases? If you are addicted, how can you break your addiction?

Wants or Needs? >

Being comfortable or saving the world...


Ways that I can can help to reduce my carbon footprint are by taking shorter showers, and stop buying things that I may not need. I've noticed at personally, but also as a society, we tend to buy and do things to make our lives easier, disregarding the effect it has on others and our environment.  Ways that I tend to disregard the earth are by taking longer showers just so that I can be more comfortable. I also drive places that I could easily walk to. By doing so I am creating more pollution and creating lazy habits. I will work to improve on my lazy habits and put more thought and consideration into my lifestyle choices.

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