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Think Big

Now that we see what our collective and personal impact is on the planet, let's think big!

What big and bold ideas do you have for reducing personal, community, country and even global carbon footprints?

Use this space to develop and discuss your big ideas! Who knows- maybe one of these ideas can be the next key solution to the global climate challenge!

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How to reduce the global carbon footprint.


I think there are various ways to decrease the global carbon footprint here are some of my ideas. We should teach kids ways to decrease the carbon footprint from a young age so they can use these habits they learned for the rest of their lives. I also believe a good idea would be to identify the countries like India or China that have difficulty decreasing their carbon footprint so we can give them extra help. The most important step to decreasing the carbon footprint is to identify how you most contribute to the carbon footprint so you can change your habits and lower the global carbon footprint.


think big
in my opinion this is a very good topic to talk and think about. I think that this quote is true and very useful in real life in particular in the 'trip' that will finally reduce our carbon footprint. for sure we have to start from simple and daily actions to make a change but to make a very significant difference we have to make bigger decisions like stop use petrol-moved cars and in less or more 2 or 3 years use only eletric cars in order to save our beautiful planet. and what about you? what is your big thought that will save our planet?


The best way to reduce carbon footprint is to make people understood a global problem,and band together for making our nature as it was many years ago.

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