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Think Big

Now that we see what our collective and personal impact is on the planet, let's think big!

What big and bold ideas do you have for reducing personal, community, country and even global carbon footprints?

Use this space to develop and discuss your big ideas! Who knows- maybe one of these ideas can be the next key solution to the global climate challenge!

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Think Big

Recent posts:

Robynn.   2021-02-19 15:47:51 (Last post: Today 11:20:36)
More learning in schools

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we need to do urgently. It is something every student should be passionate about. In order to do this, I think we must learn about the effect it has on our future. Maybe if professionals came into schools or a regular basis the message would get across.

Mimi47   2021-02-19 16:38:38

Yes I agree that it is very important to discuss climate change in schools to be able to push for change. Especially since younger generations are the ones who are most likely going to be able to change the world. In order to do this we need to find new more engaging ways to educate people and students. I think this because I find that many people have heard of climate change and don’t want to again when it’s something that we can’t just ignore. I think having people like you said come into schools and start up projects that bring awareness about this issue would be more effective because, it lets students explore the topic in a different way while still being able to educate others.

makstomljenovic   2021-02-19 17:11:12

i see where you are going a i think that also. we should be learning more about it because are parents don’t go to school we do so we can learn about it an teach are parents and they can start a change

pzoe (canada)   2021-02-19 17:20:30

I also agree that we should implement more lectures about climate change-related issues (like the increasing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere) in education systems worldwide. Like user Mimi47, I have also noticed that not everyone is the most knowledgeable about the topic of climate change. I myself did not know much about what climate change really is, what causes it, and how it affects everyone and everything on this planet until recently. Most people seem to have the basic idea and even false ideas (for some) of what climate change is. However, I think basic knowledge about this topic is not enough. Everyone should know that our individual actions are causing climate change to occur at a faster rate. We should all be educated about how we can help reduce the negative effects of our daily activities on the environment. Learning about how we can take action and actually execute it can lead to change for the better. I believe that we should all be aware of this issue to a certain degree. Educating the youth is a good place to start because we still have many years ahead of us to fix the wrongs of the generations prior to ours. We can also make a bigger impact by the influence of social media to spread more information about climate change.

2nfIII   Today 10:32:46

i agree but i also think that it might be hard to schedule and hard for children of younger ages to understand

Sand James   Today 10:38:56

Completely agree, the generation that is in school right now are going to be the ones to really make a change with the climate crisis, they are the ones that need to be educated at a very early age.

NiCkwe   Today 11:18:37

I agree that it should be an important discussion in schools because one of the main reason we haven't acted already is the lack of education on this topic.

carolynrreid   Today 11:20:36

I agree, the people that we are teaching now are the people who are the ones that will be able to make a change, and if we teach them how to make a change then we can help slow down climate change.

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Aya.S   2021-03-10 01:54:28 (Last post: Today 10:35:49)
10 Most polluted countries in the world .

Data in tons of CO2 equivalent:

China: 9.800.000.000
India: 2.467.000.000
Russia: 1.693.000.000
Germany: 799.000.000
Iran: 672.000.00
Saudi Arabia: 635.000.000
South Korea: 616.000.000
Canada: 573.000.000

Lidia.alguazas   2021-03-11 01:45:59

well done Aya i love your idea.

hiba.afkir   2021-03-11 01:53:39

OMG is very terrible

Juan Antonio 2   2021-03-11 01:54:38

Hello Aya with these data, we will be able to make people aware that the contamination is very great.

2nfIII   Today 10:35:49

thank you this is helpful data

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2nfIII   Today 10:26:51
Think big

one idea is to create plastic alternatives out of compostable materials such as sunflower seed shells

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vlad9638   2021-02-25 01:14:27 (Last post: Today 10:23:50)
Hi from Belarus


2nfIII   Today 10:23:50


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Jordan Crum   2021-05-03 21:18:45 (Last post: Today 09:24:57)
Reduce and Reuse

An important part of making sure you are living an ECO friendly life is reusing and reducing.Instead of always using a new plastic water bottle every day, try saving up for a re-usable one instead! You don't really have to change much, just notice the little things like turning off the lights when done and maybe taking a ride or walk outside instead of taking a car. Another good way to reduce your carbon footprint is by carpooling with others (although this can be difficult because of COVID) if possible, try to find someone in your bubble, it can even be a member in your family if they can drive (like an older sibling or parent)

AvgoBOD   2021-05-04 07:57:34

In my family as we buy and use food that comes in plastic containers we wash and reuse them. Taking cold showers uses less energy than hot showers. So people could try to take cold showers especially in the summer. My family has immensely reduced the amount of animal products that we eat, and this reduces emissions by a lot. Along with this we alway try to buy our food locally sourced and organic. Additionally we have our own garden to that we take and eat from. Our family is lucky enough to be able to afford an electric bike so that my parents can bike to work and I can bike to and from my extracurriculars.

Hayzel   Today 09:24:57

Also there are businesses you can subscribe to that can take not normally recyclable things and recycle them for you, such as plastic wrap and packing foam. This makes it so garbage dumps don't get overflowed by things that don't have to be in there.

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Vikitoria   2021-03-18 05:24:09 (Last post: 2021-09-26 11:54:45)
Contribute in a small way to do something big

Hi! Im here because i want to tell you about the pollution in the world and how you can help to save it!
All we nkow that there is a lot of pollution on the world and each day gets worse. But do you think you can do something??
The world is very big. About 7700 million people or more live in it! But, you can contribute in a small way doing things like recycling (paper, plastic, bottles, etc.) use renewable energy, eat local products, or using public transport...
Think about more things you can do to help and reduce your carbon footprint and help with your small way!!!
I hope this help you to understand all we can help to save the world.

terezija   2021-05-19 11:04:16

Yes, I totally agree! Together we can do so much...And you know how they say..."Big things have small beginnings." So, why wouldn't we all gather and help our big home, our planet Earth! ●'◡'●

kris22   2021-09-26 11:54:45

It’s true that each little action we do on a daily basis contribute to the protection of our planet, some people think that it is useless but if we act together then it will slow down the production of carbon and therefore keep our planet as long as possible.

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Fran77   2021-05-20 10:08:19 (Last post: 2021-09-24 15:18:31)

Smog, formed mainly above urban centres, is composed mainly of tropospheric ozone (O3) primary particulate matter such as pollen and dust and secondary particulate matter such as sulphur oxides, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ammonia gas.Smog is a big problem of every city with good industry but how can we stop it?We shouldnt use cars that often, our electricity should be on only when we are using it and stuff like that.But are we really doing it and why not tell me in comments down below smile
From Fran

hodin   2021-09-24 15:18:31

Hey Fran, I am frustrated by this as well.  I believe that polluters should have to pay to pollute- in other words pay for the real costs of that pollution in terms of illness and environmental damage.  That will quickly become an incentive for the polluters to figure out a way to pollute less.

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bemaBOD5   2021-05-04 00:27:57
Think Big

The first important thing is to know what your carbon footprint is, and from there, you can see what things you need to reduce in your everyday life to reduce your carbon footprint. I didn't know what my carbon footprint was until I did this, and now I know what things I need to do to help the planet and my community by reducing my carbon footprint. The most important step is knowledge about carbon footprint and how that affects the Earth negatively, and how your everyday routine might be harming our Earth. The top 3 easy and convenient things everyone can do to minimize their carbon footprint are driving less, meaning walking, biking, or taking transportation to places you want instead of just using your car every day. You can also buy a hybrid/electric car, so you don't have to use gas which harms our Earth. Another thing you can do is make sure all the plugs and lights are off when not in use. This is very common and is one of the reasons why people's carbon footprint is such a big number. The third and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is STOP buying plastic water bottles. It is very harmful to this Earth. You can start buying reusable water bottles and reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags. I think those four ideas are good ways for reducing personal, community, country, and even global carbon footprints. Even though these steps seem like a small action, they are very impactful, and they will eventually add up and became bigger things. Knowledge is also powerful because if you teach kids at a young age about our environment, there is a high chance that they will do beneficial things in the future in terms of Earth and then pass it on to their generations.

These are my sources that I used:

https://www.nytimes.com/guides/year-of- … -footprint

https://www.austintexas.gov/blog/top-10 … save-money

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DablBOD   2021-05-02 21:14:47 (Last post: 2021-05-02 23:33:37)
How to reduce the global carbon footprint.

I think there are various ways to decrease the global carbon footprint here are some of my ideas. We should teach kids ways to decrease the carbon footprint from a young age so they can use these habits they learned for the rest of their lives. I also believe a good idea would be to identify the countries like India or China that have difficulty decreasing their carbon footprint so we can give them extra help. The most important step to decreasing the carbon footprint is to identify how you most contribute to the carbon footprint so you can change your habits and lower the global carbon footprint.

fs235   2021-05-02 23:33:37

think big
in my opinion this is a very good topic to talk and think about. I think that this quote is true and very useful in real life in particular in the 'trip' that will finally reduce our carbon footprint. for sure we have to start from simple and daily actions to make a change but to make a very significant difference we have to make bigger decisions like stop use petrol-moved cars and in less or more 2 or 3 years use only eletric cars in order to save our beautiful planet. and what about you? what is your big thought that will save our planet?

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saaxBOD   2021-04-29 15:09:02
Think Big

Some contributions that we can make to reduce our carbon footprints are paying attention to the reducing, recycling, and reusing rule. Unplugging our devices when they are charged, and taking transportation if it is an option. For school lunches there are already vegetarian options but I had the idea that every other month or so cafeteria's should only serve vegetarian food to reduce the amount of meat being served. Personally, I need to take shorter showers!

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EthanCabrera   2021-04-28 11:53:12
Think Big

Humans can make big changes. We could do it by recycling properly and composting. We can plant trees, shop wisely and take shorter showers. Adults should drive electric cars and teach good Earth-saving habits to their kids.

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iBaraff   2021-04-27 13:11:02 (Last post: 2021-04-28 08:44:24)
Whats the most harmful?

Which aspect of everydaylife do you think is the most harmful, and how can we make it less so?

gislimar   2021-04-28 06:34:48

I think the most harmful things to our enviroment are: driving too much, buying too much of clothes, Buying single-use items, drinking bottled water and many more things and we need to change this somehow to save our planet.

CollinC   2021-04-28 08:44:24

I think the most harmful everyday life things that we do is overuse electricity, water, food, and cars. Most people don't turn off their lights after leaving the room which causes a good amount of electricity to be wasted. Only around 0.3 percent of water is actually usable on our planet and we are overusing the water by showering too long, leaving the faucet on, and etc. There is also a lot of food wasted every year because people don't finish many of the foods they buy, if these foods aren't composted and are put in landfills, they'll cause a load ton of methane gas which is really bad for the environment. We need to focus on reducing every aspects of our life .

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