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Wants or Needs?

Is having the latest technology a want or a need?

How often do you get a new cel phone or mp3 player? Did you really need a new model? Do you consider the environmental impact of these purchases? If you are addicted, how can you break your addiction?

Wants or Needs? >

How Apple's Business Model Reflects the Cons of Capitalism


While there are many benefits of the capitalist society we live in such as innovation, range of products for consumers to choose from, incentive to work, and efficiency of markets, capitalism is like a double edged sword. On the flip side of the coin, capitalism has become a driving factor in many of our environmental problems. Capitalism provides individuals with competition: companies are always competing to get out their newest and most advanced version of their product out onto the market. The consequences of this is that this gives consumers the urge to purchase the latest item on the market. For example Apple. Apple’s products reveal the pattern and business model the company uses to make their sales. For example when they removed the headphone jack, they immediately offered airpods as a solution. Because this would be a new feature for their newest phone, it therefore increased sales in their new product, the airpods. This pattern is seen again when they revealed they would remove the beloved home button and be replaced with the new feature of face ID that was promised for new phones. This would effectively increase sales in the new phone models. Just recently it was revealed that Apple would be removing the charging port. This has caused many to wonder why, since it’s the most vital aspect of maintaining your device. The catch is that Apple will be releasing a new wireless charging system. With the hype that the media gives Apple, many people will want the new iPhone. Which begs the question, how many people really need the new iPhone? Studies reveal that Apple’s hazardous waste has doubled in the past few years. This means a lot for the consumers, who must realize that you don’t always need the newest model. Consumers must consider this: do you want it, or do you NEED it?

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Thank you for bringing that up because that hasn't been really talked about much. Which is weird because e-waste can cause severe environmental effects if not disposed of correct. For instance, because of the chemicals and foreign materials housed inside of our electronics they can intoxicate the air and soil cause permanent damage to the environment. But it doesn't end there majority of the time if the electronic is/was made of metal they usually smelt the metal and reuse it for another product. The bad part about this is a majority of smelting facilities use fossil fuels.
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https://globuswarwick.com/2021/01/21/th … -of-apple/

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