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Think Big

Now that we see what our collective and personal impact is on the planet, let's think big!

What big and bold ideas do you have for reducing personal, community, country and even global carbon footprints?

Use this space to develop and discuss your big ideas! Who knows- maybe one of these ideas can be the next key solution to the global climate challenge!

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Reduce and Reuse

Jordan Crum

An important part of making sure you are living an ECO friendly life is reusing and reducing.Instead of always using a new plastic water bottle every day, try saving up for a re-usable one instead! You don't really have to change much, just notice the little things like turning off the lights when done and maybe taking a ride or walk outside instead of taking a car. Another good way to reduce your carbon footprint is by carpooling with others (although this can be difficult because of COVID) if possible, try to find someone in your bubble, it can even be a member in your family if they can drive (like an older sibling or parent)


In my family as we buy and use food that comes in plastic containers we wash and reuse them. Taking cold showers uses less energy than hot showers. So people could try to take cold showers especially in the summer. My family has immensely reduced the amount of animal products that we eat, and this reduces emissions by a lot. Along with this we alway try to buy our food locally sourced and organic. Additionally we have our own garden to that we take and eat from. Our family is lucky enough to be able to afford an electric bike so that my parents can bike to work and I can bike to and from my extracurriculars.


Also there are businesses you can subscribe to that can take not normally recyclable things and recycle them for you, such as plastic wrap and packing foam. This makes it so garbage dumps don't get overflowed by things that don't have to be in there.

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