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Think Big

Now that we see what our collective and personal impact is on the planet, let's think big!

What big and bold ideas do you have for reducing personal, community, country and even global carbon footprints?

Use this space to develop and discuss your big ideas! Who knows- maybe one of these ideas can be the next key solution to the global climate challenge!

Think Big >

Think Big


The first important thing is to know what your carbon footprint is, and from there, you can see what things you need to reduce in your everyday life to reduce your carbon footprint. I didn't know what my carbon footprint was until I did this, and now I know what things I need to do to help the planet and my community by reducing my carbon footprint. The most important step is knowledge about carbon footprint and how that affects the Earth negatively, and how your everyday routine might be harming our Earth. The top 3 easy and convenient things everyone can do to minimize their carbon footprint are driving less, meaning walking, biking, or taking transportation to places you want instead of just using your car every day. You can also buy a hybrid/electric car, so you don't have to use gas which harms our Earth. Another thing you can do is make sure all the plugs and lights are off when not in use. This is very common and is one of the reasons why people's carbon footprint is such a big number. The third and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is STOP buying plastic water bottles. It is very harmful to this Earth. You can start buying reusable water bottles and reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags. I think those four ideas are good ways for reducing personal, community, country, and even global carbon footprints. Even though these steps seem like a small action, they are very impactful, and they will eventually add up and became bigger things. Knowledge is also powerful because if you teach kids at a young age about our environment, there is a high chance that they will do beneficial things in the future in terms of Earth and then pass it on to their generations.

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