Organization of Scenarios Forum 2021

The ICONICS Steering Committee is exploring interest from parties to host and organize a second edition of the Scenarios Forum, preferably in the spring of 2021. The Scenarios Process is an open, community-wide process that involves a broad range of scenario developers and users. Therefore, many different people and organizations could potentially be interested in organizing and hosting the next Scenarios Forum. With this message we invite you to show your interest, so we can organize a process to decide among multiple proposals, in case there are.

ICONICS aims to organize and stimulate the Scenarios Process and one of our goals is to foster interaction across climate-related scientific disciplines. The first Scenarios Forum, organized in March 2019 by the University of Denver, proved very fruitful for stimulating this interaction and in reflecting on the development and application of climate change scenarios. The ICONICS Steering Committee views the Scenarios Forum as a very important platform to keep the Scenarios Process moving and would like to establish a bi-annual series of Scenarios Forums. Our proposal is to rotate the conferences geographically and between organizers from different scientific disciplines. The ICONICS Steering Committee has taken on the role of initiation and selection, to assure that a Forum is taking place every other year. However, the actual organization, specific focus and details of each Scenarios Forum would be in the hands of the conference organizer and their Scientific Steering Committee. ICONICS would like to partner with the local organizers and can help with the organization and promotion of the conference.

We ask you to express your interest in organizing and hosting the Scenarios Forum 2021 by sending a brief bidding document before 31 January 2020 to Bas van Ruijven (vruijven@iiasa.ac.at) and Kris Ebi (krisebi@uw.edu). The bidding document should include at least:

  • A proposed venue, including estimates of meeting rooms, maximum nr. of participants, maximum nr. of parallel sessions.
  • A description of hotel capacity and variety in the area and accessibility for the global scenarios community to travel to the venue.
  • Proposed dates and restrictions on timing, taking into account other major meetings and (local) holidays.
  • Administrative/organizational capacity and experience with organizing large conferences.
  • A rough financial budget planning, including potential sponsors and a rough estimate of conference fees. We can help coordinate the communication with potential funders (to avoid that they must respond to multiple requests in parallel), so please be in touch if you are considering drafting a bidding document.
  • Any special themes, focus or speakers that could be connected to the location and organizers.
  • Potential extreme weather events in the area and season that ensure continuation of the decade-long tradition that scenario meetings are prone to extreme weather.

Bids from potential organizers will be evaluated by the ICONICS Steering Committee, with a special focus on financial viability, capacity to organize the Forum and geographic diversity.


Check out Past Events for recent activities, including the meeting report from the Scenarios Forum 2019 (read it here).