TRANSMANGO | Food and Nutrition Systems in Europe


TRANSMANGO is an FP7-funded project focusing on the future of food and nutrition systems in Europe. The goal of the project is to develop globally contextualised European explorative scenarios on the future of European food, and use these scenarios as contexts within which transition pathways to more sustainable food systems will be explored and tested for feasibility. The project focuses on semi-quantitative modelling to capture a diversity of European perspectives and discourses on the present, plausible futures, and feasible transition pathways for food in Europe.

The SSPs and RCPs are used global contextual scenarios within which the European scenarios will be developed. The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) is a partner in the project, responsible for these quantitative scenarios, which will be produced through the GLOBIOM model.

Project Contact: joost.vervoort@eci.ox.ac.uk