Webinar Series

The International Committee on New Integrated Climate Change Assessment Scenarios (ICONICS) is starting a series of webinars to discuss recent work on the Climate Change Scenarios Framework.

  • Recent webinars:

    • Monday, 10 July, 4pm CEST: The updated projections for GDP and Population for the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways are ready for review by the scientific community. The review process will be launched and explained during a webinar on Monday 10 July, 16h CEST, hosted jointly by ICONICS and the IAMC Scenarios Scientific Working Group.During the webinar, the methodology, features and limitations of the new data will be explained and the review process will be laid out. Moderators are Keywan Riahi (IIASA) and Detlef van Vuuren (PBL) and speakers are Samir KC (IIASA) on population projections and Rob Delink (OECD) on GDP projections.
      • View recording here
    • Wednesday, 19 July, 3pm CEST: An overview of the outcomes of the IPCC Workshop on the Use of Scenarios in the Sixth Assessment Report and Subsequent Assessments.The IPCC held a Workshop on the Use of Scenarios in the Sixth Assessment Report and Subsequent Assessments in Bangkok, 25-27 April 2023. The purpose of the Workshop was to address ongoing challenges associated with scenarios both from a scientific perspective and with regard to the institutional processes linking the relevant scientific communities to the IPCC assessment. The Workshop had three main objectives: 1) to advance the scientific agenda associated with scenario development and use, with attention to overall scenario architecture; 2) to consider ways of further enhancing cross-Working Group collaboration; and 3) to consider institutional aspects, including the relationship between IPCC and relevant IPCC bodies such as WCRP, IAMC and ICONICS, and resourcing issues.In this webinar, the speakers will provide an overview of the Workshop outcomes.
      Speakers: Alaa Al Khourdajie and Anna Pirani (IPCC)

      • View recording here
  • Recordings of past webinars can be viewed on the Webinar page (under Events)

Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSP) update: take part in the review process!

Dear colleagues,

As you know, the modeling community is currently preparing an update of the Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSP).

As a first step, we are conducting a review process of the basic drivers of the SSPs: projections of GDP and population (including education by age cohort and gender).

You can access the first review phase of the SSP update data at https://data.ece.iiasa.ac.at/ssp. The data is currently provided at national resolution, and you also find the basic drivers of the initial SSP scenarios (from 2013) in this Scenario Explorer for easier reference.

To access the “SSP Scenario Explorer – Review for the 2023 Update“, you will have to create an account at https://manager.ece.iiasa.ac.at/ if you do not have an account for the IIASA Scenario Explorer infrastructure yet.

You find more information about the review process on the About page of the Scenario Explorer. You can also download the slides from a recent IAMC-ICONICS webinar on that page.

Review comments are due by September 8, 2023. You can submit your comments via the Feedback feature in the Scenario Explorer – click on your user name in the top-right corner (after login) to select the context menu.

When giving feedback, please provide the following information:

  • Your name and institution
  • The source and of projections (the “model” name and scenario)
  • The specific region/variable/year where your comment applies
  • A detailed description of your comment/remark/question

Please be as precise as possible, e.g.

Projections x for country y after year z should be higher, because …
Projections x are not consistent with source y …

We are looking forward to your comments and feedback on the first phase of the SSP-update review process.


ICONICS aims to organize the process of developing new socioeconomic scenarios to facilitate interdisciplinary research and assessment on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


The International Committee On New Integrated Climate change assessment Scenarios (ICONICS) develops, facilitates, and promotes the use of socioeconomic development pathways to support interdisciplinary research and assessment of climate change-related risks, and to support exploration of the effectiveness of adaptation and mitigation policies and actions across spatial and temporal scales to reduce those risks within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

ICONICS facilitates this mission through:

  • Vertical integration: developing and applying integrative, cross-scale, and cross-sectoral scenarios;
  • Horizontal integration: fostering interaction across scientific disciplines engaged in climate change research to develop, apply, and evaluate integrated scenarios bridging climate change, projected risks, adaptation, and mitigation; and
  • Broadening the scope: promoting adaptation and mitigation research to support achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more background information on the process of developing new socioeconomic scenarios.

Working Groups

The work of the committee is organized into two working groups.

Publications and resources

Browse the full list of publications related to the new scenario process, explore the SSP scenario database, or learn more about two special issues.

Mailing List

Join the ICONICS Mailing List to stay informed about the activities of the ICONICS committee, receive news on the development of the new socioeconomic scenarios for climate change research, or post your own questions to the scenarios community.