Degree Requirements

1)       Chemistry (15 credits minimum, choose one option)

a)    Chem 120,220,221 (Principles of Chemistry I,II,III) (Appropriate for those pursuing nursing, physician’s assistant, occupational or physical therapy school) 

b)    Chem 142,152 or 143,153 and Chem 223,224 (General Chemistry with Organic Chemistry Short Program)

c)     Chem 142,152,162 or 145,155,165 and Chem 237,238,239  or 335,336,337 (General and Organic Chemistry) (Appropriate  for those pursuing medical, dental, pharmacy and veterinary medicine schools) 

Note: Labs 241,242,346,347 not required

2)       Physics (8 credits minimum, choose one option) 

a)       Phys 114,115 (Algebra based Physics)

b)       Phys 121,122 (Calculus based Physics)

Note: Labs 117,118 not required       

3)    Mathematics (10 credits minimum, choose one option)

 a)     Math 124,125 (Calculus with Analytic Geometry) (Recommended or required for some medical schools) 

 b)     Q Sci 291,292 (Analysis for Biologists)          

3)       Biology (15 credits minimum)

Biology 180, 200, 220

4)       Introduction to Neuroscience (10 credits).  NEUSCI 301,302 (see following page for course descriptions) 

5)       Advanced courses in Neuroscience (12 credits).  NEUSCI 401,402,403,404. 

6)       Advanced Electives (16 credits).  See list of approved electives.  Students may apply up to 7 credits of Undergraduate Research, Seminars, Peer Facilitation and internships toward the 16 elective credits.