” After years of jumping between STEM classes, I never realized how much I was missing a sense of community until I got into the Neuroscience program. From small classes to an advisor that actually cares about your future, this program is really special. Even our professors worked hard to disrupt the barrier between student and teacher, allowing me to actually approach them with questions and career advice — something I had NEVER done until getting into the major.
I never thought I would say this, but I almost wish I could go back and take those classes again.”
Kes Luchini
Neuroscience 2020
“The two aspects of the Neuroscience major that most contributed to my personal and intellectual growth were my peers and professors. Our cohort was small and personal, encouraging us to form a tight-knit community of individuals who were incredibly driven, curious, enthusiastic learners. This, paired with the professors who were deeply passionate about the material that they taught, allowed us to challenge each other and learn as much as possible during our time in the major. Regardless of what you want to do with your life, the Neuroscience major will prepare you with the skills that you need to move forward as a curious critical thinker and analytical problem solver. I am forever grateful for the experiences and relationships that would not be possible without the Neuroscience major.”
Alex Zhu
Neuroscience 2019
The Neuroscience major has been rewarding both academically and personally. The small cohort of like-minded individuals made for a challenging, collaborative, and exciting environment – all of which I hoped for in my major and time at the University of Washington. One of my favorite aspects of the major was having the opportunity to translate fundamental concepts learned in the classroom directly to organisms on the lab bench. The professors in the major welcomed every student with open arms and always encouraged us to push beyond our capabilities. I’m amazed by how much I have accomplished over the course of the major and am grateful for having the opportunity to do so.

Rohan Sehgal

Neurobiology 2017