Neuroscience students are involved in diverse activities in and around the UW campus. The two most prominent are Grey Matters Journal and the Neurobiology Club, which are also open to students who are not part of the Neuroscience major.

Grey Matters Journal

Grey Matters is a neuroscience outreach organization founded by students at the UW on the core belief that science education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of educational background. Each quarter, Grey Matters publishes a free, high-quality neuroscience journal that is written, edited, illustrated, and designed entirely by undergraduate students. Additionally, Grey Matters coordinates An Evening with Neuroscience, an annual event dedicated to fostering an exciting and inclusive space for neuroscience education for the general public, as well as regular educational neuroscience events at local high schools. Grey Matters also hosts a biweekly journal club run by and for undergraduates to improve scientific literacy and communication. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit their website.

Neurobiology Club

The Neurobiology Club serves to foster a sense of community for undergraduates interested in neuroscience, and to provide resources to allow students access to and involvement in the field. This is achieved as the club makes available publications in neuroscience, exposes students to neuroscientific researchers and their work, provides mentorship for prospective neurobiology students, and hosts social events to promote neuroscience. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit their website.

Student Life in Pictures






Neurobiology Class of 2018 celebrating the Eagles victory with long time Patriots Fan Dr. Kennedy, Go Eagles!!

Student life!

Emma D’Cessare Neuroscience sophomore and members of the Hofstetter lab.

Senior Shannon Hong (fourth from left) and junior Brandon Wu (fifth from left) lead the Honors Program’s annual Global Challenges event.

2023 graduates exploring Seattle! Top from left to right: Alex Wang, Sasha Burckhardt, Matt Helton, Jeremy Shroeter Bottom left to right: Shivam Bansal, Hannah Smith, Jeesoo Yoon, Catherine Chia, Joumana Barbakh