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Beyond isolated cells: microfluidic transport of large tissue for pancreatic cancer diagnosis

February 29, 2016 in Publications, Pancreas

Ronnie Das, PhD, Co-Investigator and Lead Research Scientist/Engineer in the Human Photonics Laboratory (HPL) (directed by Eric Seibel, PhD) shared their group's recent research work with NWBioSpecimen:

PAPER - R Das, RG Murphy, EJ Seibel.  Beyond isolated cells: microfluidic transport of large tissue for pancreatic cancer diagnosis.  SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng 9320: 93200N1-93200N29 (2015).
INVITED TALK - R Das.  3D pathology to enhance pancreatic cancer diagnosis.  Invited Lecture.  Optical Society of America.  April 2015.
POSTER/PRESENTATION - R Das, and EJ Seibel.  Needle biopsy preservation and preparation for rapid 3D pathology.  16th Annual NCI IMAT Principal Investigators' Meeting.  November 2015.
POSTER - R Das, and EJ Seibel.  Rapid needle biopsy sample preparation for diagnostic 3D optical imaging.  BioEngage Technical Symposium.  December 2015.

3D microscopes may fundamentally change pathology and aid pathologists in the early detection/diagnosis of cancer as they may permit rapid biopsy interrogation by circumventing many, standardized steps.  These procedures have been optimized over decades since standard microscopes only permit observations of thin specimens in 2D.  Whole (unsectioned) specimens must be similarly processed.  The above research, which has received significant academic and media attention since 2014, is a collaborative/interdisciplinary project, where human biopsies provided by NWBioSpecimen are used in whole sample processing (“pathology-in-a-tube”), tissue transport, and specimen optical clearing using their custom microfluidic device, benchtop experimental setups and 3D microscope.

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