UW Human Photonics Lab


Welcome to the Human Photonics Laboratory

Our goals are to advance the frontier of medical devices and optical technologies in the areas of enhancing human performance, detecting diseases and guiding their treatments.

The Human Photonics Lab has historical ties with the Human Interface Technology Lab where the ideas for the immersive VR pain distractionscanning fiber endoscope, and the optical projection tomographic microscope originated. The HPL is comprised of three labs within Fluke Hall, administered by the UW Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Current Health Innovations

Technologies developed for use: Ex Vivo

AR/VR Applications – Pain Distraction, Medical & Dental Therapies

Biovizia – Easier, Faster, and Safer Detection of E. coli

CoreView – Pathology Lab in Disposable Cartridge

ThermoTape previously “UnTape” – Rapid Painless Removal of Medical Tape


Technologies developed for use: In Vivo

Covid-19 Project

Endoscope Tech Development

FlexCut – Biopsy procurement

Medical Robotics

  • SFE
  • Commercial Skin & Fiber Endoscope

Oral Health

  • Optical pH Mapping – Image mapping of pH
  • SFE

SFE (Skin & Fiber Endoscope)

Past Projects

3D Metrology – Measuring Dimensions in Machined Holes

Assistive Devices – Wearable Low Vision Aid

OPTM – 3D Imaging of Cells for Cytology