Odegaard Writing and Research Center

Targeted Learning Communities

Currently on hiatus with plans to re-launch next quarter! Please check back in Winter 2023.

Are you taking a reading- or writing-intensive class? Is English your second, third, or fourth language? Then consider joining the Targeted Learning Communities (TLC) program.

What is TLC?

The TLC program aims to support international and multilingual students as they navigate American classrooms and cultures. The program enables small groups of students to meet weekly for an hour with OWRC tutors. Together, they work to decode academic and cultural norms, practice language acquisition, and develop collaboration skills. 

TLCs can cover many topics, including:

  • Reading difficult course texts
  • Participating in class discussions and activities
  • Understanding assignments/feedback
  • Interpreting classroom and cultural norms
  • Finding other resources and support services
  • Working collaboratively with instructors and peers