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Using Sex to Sell: Topics to Explore

The average person is bombarded with approximately 2500 ads per day, a fact that should compel us to take a second and very critical look at the types of messages we are continually sending our youth about issues of sexuality. This strand provides a selection of lessons, activities and resources organized around major topics of concern to those working with youth.

Sexual Messages
Advertisers are selling much more than products these days. Lessons and activities focus on messages about sexuality seen in current advertising.

Body Image
Lessons and activities examine issues such as cosmetic surgery, image retouching, and cultural perceptions of the "ideal" body.

Gender Representation
Youth are asked through lessons and activities to explore stereotypes and other issues about gender presented in current advertising.

Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender Issues
These lessons and activities focus on issues of LGBT representation and portrayal in advertising.

Sex and Celebrity
Lessons and activities encourage youth to examine some of the ways in which celebrities convey messages about sexuality to their adoring public.

Media Literacy 101 Using Sex to Sell Talking About Abstinence Reducing Risks Reading Media Be the Judge Producing Media
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