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Talking About Abstinence: Topics to Explore

Many teachers and other adults using Talking About Abstinence will come here after having told youth that their task will be to produce a piece of media or an entire media campaign focused on abstinence.   They also stress that in order to produce a campaign that will be convincing to their peers, youth must first carefully explore the issue of abstinence to determine how to go about making the greatest impact. The lessons and activities provided here are intended to serve as catalysts for what can become for many youth an important time of personal reflection.

Defining Abstinence
Youth often have a variety of definitions for the word "abstinence." Lessons and activities are provided for clarifying this issue with a class or group.

Why Wait?
The media rarely highlights reasons for waiting, but what do "real" people have to say about the subject? Video clips of adult experts along with lessons and activities are provided.

Defining a healthy relationship can be problematic for some youth. This section provides lessons, activities, and teen video clips to promote discussion about relationships.

Talking to Girl / Boyfriend
Lessons, activities and video clips focus on communication between girl/boyfriends.

Refusal Skills
Youth who are receiving abstinence education often have questions as to how to say "no" to sexual advances. This section contains lessons and activities to address this important skill area.

Talking to Parents
Ideas are given via lessons, activities and video clips for those adults trying to encourage open communication between youth and their parents.

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