Stand Up for Education

Summer 2014 report on education finance reform in Washington State from SEIU 925 campaign, Stand Up for Education.

Friday January 26, 2018: annual meeting Michael Meranze (UCLA history professor) and Chris Newfield spoke to our 100th anniversary annual meeting about the future of higher public education in the US. It was a call to action! It’s up to faculty to defend our beloved public universities, to protect them from privatization, skyrocketing tuition, and control by philanthrocapitalists. See the Video here! In his new book, The Great Mistake, Newfield, argues higher ed has suffered under the private-sector model, which suggests universities should be more like businesses. Newfield combines firsthand experience with expert analysis to show that private funding cannot replace public funding or improve efficiency. Privatization has increased costs and gravely damaged the university’s value to society. Meranze and Newfield are authors of a blog, “Remaking the University.” Michael in the Los Angeles Review of Books on democracy and interpretation: Chris and Cameron Sublett in Inside Higher Ed on whether online reinforces the color line

Working for the faculty at the University of Washington