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2021 UW GMH Pilot Awardee

Congrats to Ian Bennett and colleagues for their award of the 2021 Global Mental Health Pilot Award!

Mobile Registry for Obstetric Behavioral Health Integration (mROBHIN)

PI: Ian Bennett

Project Summary/Abstract

The Mobile Registry for Obstetric Behavioral Health Integration (mROBHIN) project is a one-year development effort to build an advanced patient registry for chronic disease focused on perinatal mental disorders in low resourced settings. Common perinatal mental disorders, depression and anxiety, and the risk of death by suicide are prevalent and serious, but few women from low and middle income countries (LMICs) receive effective treatment. Using support from the UW Center for Global Mental Health to initiate this work our interdisciplinary team at UW will partner with implementation teams in Viet Nam and Nigeria to build a prototype registry. Advanced patient registries for chronic disease are a key tool for the implementation of the evidence based collaborative care model (CoCM) allowing efficient population based care delivery and the proactive management of patients. The aim is to integrate existing and proven functionalities of advanced registries, developed at the UW AIMS Center, into a mobile enabled module of the open source DHIS2 health informatics system using a stakeholder co-design methodology. A new partnership with faculty from UW Family Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and I-TECH DIGI with expertise in health informatics in these settings will be critical to the success of this effort.  DHIS2 is designed to work in these settings and is available in many LMICs allowing for rapid dissemination of the tool. The mROBHIN project will create this registry for use in community health settings of Can Tho Vietnam, and Ibadan Nigeria building upon existing collaborative efforts to implement CoCM for perinatal common mental disorders in these settings. The V1.0 form of this registry will be tested for usability in these settings and modified as needed in preparation for a cluster randomized trial to be carried out in Viet Nam and Nigeria.