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2020 GMH fellowship awardees

Anupa Gewali | Nepal (remote)

Anupa is a first-year master’s student in the Department of Global Health. Before coming to UW, Anupa worked for Adhikaar, a Queens based worker center that serves and organizes the Nepali speaking immigrant and refugee community in New York City and across the world. Anupa‚Äôs time at Adhikaar shaped her belief in the strength of grassroots organizing, and left her with a commitment to understand how resources can be better designed to meet the needs of systematically marginalized groups. While at the University of Washington, Anupa is working as a Research Assistant for the IMAGINE Study, helping to develop and pilot a social media-based group counseling intervention to prevent depression in pregnant and postpartum adolescents. She hopes to continue exploring interdisciplinary approaches to bridging mental health disparities and is interested in bringing together the perspectives of community members, care-providers, and policymakers. With the Global Mental Health Fellowship, Anupa will collaborate with Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal and contribute to research on suicide disclosure among at-risk Nepali youth. This research will help to understand support seeking behaviors and engagement of youth in suicide prevention efforts as well as other mental health programs