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Building and Sustaining Interventions for Children (BASIC): Task-Sharing Mental Health Care in Low-Resource Settings

Kenya Shannon Dorsey, PhD
Kathryn Whetten, PhD
Augustine Wasonga, MBA, MA
Cyrilla Amanya


This study aims to identify implementation strategies associated with successful implementation of task-shared mental health deliver in the education and/or health sectors. Findings should inform scale up.
We test the implementation of Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), delivered via task-sharing, in two governmental sectors prioritized by our Kenyan partners as potential options for scale up— Education and Health Extension. We test TF-CBT delivery in Education (via teacher delivery) and Health Extension (via community health volunteers) with the goal of identifying implementation practices and policies (IPPs) that explain implementation outcomes. We use a novel method, qualitative comparative analyses (QCA), that holds potential for advancing our understanding of multiple implementation pathways to success.

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