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Collaborative Care of Perinatal Depression among Adolescents

Nigeria Oye Gureje, MD PhD
Ian M. Bennett, MD PhD
Lola Kola PhD
Bunmi Oriyo MD


To implement enhancements to the care of perinatal depression among adolescents in Ibadan Nigeria. Longitudinal and coordinated care processes are needed to improve outcomes in this vulnerable population.
Through this project, researchers will complement their ongoing work in maternal mental health by addressing the critical knowledge gap regarding the mental health needs of adolescents. Specifically, they will develop and evaluate an intervention program for adolescent perinatal depression, and determine the factors required for its integration in the delivery of routine primary care. They will collaborate with the Nigerian National Mental Health Action Committee to promote the uptake of their findings into policies and practices related to the management of perinatal depression. This work will contribute to the much-needed body of evidence on how to develop policies and scale up programs for integrated adolescent mental health care in Nigeria and beyond.

Project Dates