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Developing and Evaluating a Provider-Delivered National EMR Alert-Based HIV ART Adherence Counseling Program in Haiti: Isanté Plus

Haiti Nancy Puttkammer, PhD
Jane M. Simoni, PhD


Building upon preliminary research establishing the validity of an electronic medical record (EMR)–based alert, the proposed research project will develop and pilot test a provider-based intervention using an electronic alert together with brief antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence counseling to improve ART adherence and reduce the incidence of ART treatment failure.
This award will involve the development and evaluation at two clinic sites in Haiti of an automatic alert in electronic medical records (EMR) that will highlight patients at risk for viral rebound. This research study has the potential to identify an effective and scalable model for HIV antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence support within Haiti’s national ART program, using an EMR based alert to improve the information available to providers about their patients’ adherence together with provider training to improve provider skills in ART adherence counseling. The intervention has potential to improve patient survival, to reduce HIV drug resistance, and to sustain the use of first-line ART regimens across the majority of Haiti’s ART clinics.