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Development and Implementation of a Demonstration Project of Integrated Mental Healthcare for HIV + Individuals with Common Mental Disorders

Mozambique Bradley Wagenaar, MPH, PhD
Shannon Dorsey, PhD
Laura Murray, PhD


This intervention will build upon existing infrastructure to formally integrate screening, care, and treatment for common mental disorders among HIV+ individuals (depression, traumatic stress, substance use, and anxiety) in Mozambique into existing HIV treatment platform. Task-shared counsellors will be trained in best-evidence psychological treatments for common mental illness using a transdiagnostic approach. This approach is called the Common Elements Treatment Approach (CETA), and has been tested in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) across a number of low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). The CETA approach is based on evidence-based treatments for depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, and stress-related disorders. The CETA model was developed specifically for LMIC settings that rely on non-mental health providers working within sustained supervisory systems.

  • Assess initial estimates of prevalence of common mental disorders, trauma, and experience of violence among HIV+ individuals.
  • Pilot and optimize the use of a short screening tool for common mental disorders among HIV+ individuals.
  • Train a cadre of CETA counsellors who can provide best-evidence transdiagnostic care for HIV+ individuals identified with depression, anxiety, trauma, and harmful substance use.
  • Pilot the use of CETA in public-sector clinics in Mozambique and collect initial patient data to understand fidelity, initial outcomes, operational research and optimization of the model using routinely collected clinic data.

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