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Strengthening the Identification and Treatment of Depression in Primary Care in Mozambique

Mozambique Bradley Wagenaar, MPH, PhD
Deepa Rao, PhD, MA
Kenneth Sherr, MPH, PhD
Jürgen Unützer, MD, MPH, MA
Inge Petersen, PhD
Palmira dos Santos, MS, PhDc
Vasco Cumbe, MD, MS, PhDc


This research project will study depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts among primary care patients in Mozambique and will develop and pilot-test an evidence-based package of care to more effectively identify and treat depression and suicidal thoughts in primary care settings across the country.
The research will be conducted in Sofala, Mozambique in partnership with the Mozambican Ministry of Health. PI will determine the optimal screening cut- off for the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 and conduct the first-ever study of prevalence, associated factors, and care-seeking for depressive symptoms (including suicidal ideation) among primary care patients in Sofala, Mozambique (Aim 1). These data, combined with semi-structured key-informant interviews of existing practices and perceptions of supply/demand side barriers (Aim 2), will be used to inform the design and implementation of mental health integration guidelines and decision-support tools. Last, the candidate will implement and pilot- test the feasibility of depression care integration within public clinics in Sofala, Mozambique. The candidate will collect mixed-methods pilot data of input variables, implementation outcomes, and patient outcomes, paired with the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) to systematically assess intervention characteristics, outer/inner setting, and processes (Aim 3).

Project dates