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Systems Analysis and Improvement Approach to Optimize Task-Shifted Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment Cascades (SAIA-MH)

Mozambique Bradley Wagenaar, MPH, PhD
Kenneth Sherr, MPH, PhD
Bryan Weiner, PhD
Vasco Cumbe, MD, MS, PhDc


This implementation research project aims to adapt an evidence-based Systems Analysis and Improvement Approach (SAIA) for use in global mental health systems improvement (SAIA-MH). This award will result in pilot SAIA-MH data and tools that can be more rigorously tested in a future pragmatic health systems trial with the ultimate goal of improving the delivery of high-quality evidence-based mental healthcare in low-resource settings globally.
Our specific aims are to: (1) adapt cascade analysis indicators and data tools to SAIA-MH, and assess their usability and feasibility among end-users; and (2) pilot-test the effectiveness, practicality, and process fidelity of the full SAIA-MH cascade analysis, process mapping, and associated task-shared mental health quality improvement approaches. The Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research will guide implementation outcome measurement to understand inner setting, intervention, and process constructs affecting SAIA-MH implementation.

Project dates