FCAP (Foster Care Assessment Program) is a statewide contracted program available to youth and children in all six DCYF regions. The goals of FCAP are to assist the DCYF social service worker to improve youth or child’s well-being and accomplish permanency.

FCAP provides consultation and assessment.

Consultation is for DCYF social service specialists who would like fresh ideas or second opinions at any stage of a case, from shelter care to dismissal. With the approval of the social service specialist, consultation is also available to others involved in the child’s life to help mediate differences of opinion or to offer guidance on how best to meet a child’s needs.

FCAP assessments closely examine the child/youth’s physical, emotional, behavioral, cultural, and academic needs and provide guidance on establishing permanency. During an assessment, FCAP reviews records about a child and talks to many of the people who know the child well before creating a detailed written report and specific recommendations.