• FCAP Consultations are a 45 minute phone conversation with the DCYF social worker to address a specific question.  Others who are closely involved in the case, such as caregivers or CASAs, are sometimes included in the discussion.  Questions considered during a consult might include whether adjustments to visitation will be helpful or what specific service will address a given problem for a child or caregiver.  Consultations can be scheduled very quickly, and FCAP produces a written summary of recommendations within 48 hours.

  • FCAP Assessments target the most complex cases that require an intensive level of assessment.  They use a systematic approach to evaluate families, including the use of standardized measures and consistent oversight for quality assurance.  FCAP provides both Standard and Comprehensive assessments.
    • Standard Assessments include a review of several case documents and interviews with the DCYF social worker, parent(s), caregiver(s), youth, CASA/GAL, and potentially other collaterals.  A limited number of DCYF records are reviewed and written report is completed within 28 days.  Standard assessments are appropriate for all but the most complex cases.
    • Comprehensive Assessments include a full record review and interviews with additional collaterals.  Comprehensive assessments are appropriate for cases with competing permanency options and a child/youth with complex emotional/behavioral/medical/educational needs.  Comprehensive assessments are completed within 56 days.