FCAP Is explicitly designed to meet the key DCYF mission of returning children safely to their homes or promoting permanency in a new home.  The program provides consultation and assessment to DCYF when there are barriers to permanency.  Recommendations made by FCAP are evidence-based and rely on current research regarding motivation, engagement, and assessment of target problems and needs.  The program makes practical and feasible recommendations for services and steps that will promote permanency and child well-being.  Whenever geographically available, recommended services are evidence-based.  FCAP provides consultations and assessment.  The recommendations that come from both the consultations and the assessments are behaviorally- focused and target the specific concern which impacts child safety instead of listing general social factors families may struggle with.  FCAP arrives at recommendations and conclusions via internal consultation on permanency and well-being which decreases the need for expensive non-evidence-based evaluations and treatment.