Medical Student Rotations at Seattle Children's

Badge Information

Medical students are issued SCH badges by the GME Office at sign-in/orientation. The badge will be valid for the duration of the medical student’s rotation and must be returned at the end of the rotation (see Returning Badges below). Medical students at SCH for a number of rotations will need to have their badge renewed for each rotation. Medical students are expected to wear their SCH issued badge at all times while on campus. The badge must be worn visibly and above the waist.

Badge Access
Badges issued by the SCH GME Medical Student Office provide electronic access to the hospital. This includes access to employee doors, general access stairwells and locker rooms. Locker room badge access is set by the gender associated with your badge. Please contact the Medical Student Office if you have any questions about the access on your badge.

Badges and Social Media
The Children’s badge is a security measure that helps us identify people who work and volunteer at Children’s. Posting or sharing a photo of the badge to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes it easy to duplicate the badge and create a security risk.  Do not post photos of your badge on social media. Do not take photos of your badge.

Visitor’s Badge
On the first day of their rotation the medical student will need to stop at an Entrance Coordinator desk to get a Visitor’s Badge. This will allow the medical student to go to the GME Office to sign-in and get their badge. A Visitor’s Badge does not permit the medical student to engage in patient care.

Lost or Forgotten Badges
If a medical student forgets or loses their badge, they must report immediately to the Graduate Medical Education Office to be issued a new badge. Medical students are not permitted to report their clinic duties with a Visitor’s Badge or Temporary, even one issued by an SCH Entrance Coordinator. must get a Temporary Staff Badge from an Entrance Coordinator.

Returning Badges & Pagers

In order to enhance security, reduce costs, and to recycle the working part of your badge, the SCH GME Office requires that all medical students return their badges and pagers to the SCH GME Office at the end of each rotation. Badge access is terminated at midnight of the printed date on the front of each badge (generally 24 hours after a rotation ends). The GME Office will issue a new badge if/when you return for another rotation at SCH.

The GME Office is staffed only for scheduled orientations and sign-ins.

Please use the GME Office Badge/Pager Return drop box across from the Pelican elevators, just around the corner from the GME Office. DO NOT RETURN PAGERS OR BADGES TO ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THIS DROP BOX.

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