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PEDS 665 Seattle-based Clerkship Orientation Information

Welcome to Your PEDS 665 Pediatric Clerkship!

You will receive an email from the Medical Student Program at Seattle Children’s with information on where and when to report for orientation. PEDS 665 has a half-day orientation on the first day of the rotation.

Pediatric Medical Student Program

  • Jordan Symons, MD, Director, Pediatric Medical Student Program
  • Rebekah Burns, MD, Associate Program Director and Seattle Clerkship Outpatient Site Director
  • Esther Chung, MD, MPH, Associate Program Director for Explore & Focus Advanced Patient Care Clerkships and Sub-Internships
  • Abena Knight, MD, Associate Program Director and Seattle Clerkship Inpatient Site Director
  • Emily Myers, MD, Associate Program Director for Explore and Focus Electives
  • Sara Fear, Medical Student Program Coordinator
  • My Linh Nguyen, WRITE Student Program Coordinator

Online Clerkship Manual

PRIOR to orientation, please review the Pediatric Clerkship website and the PDF of the Clerkship Manual here:

Reviewing the website and manual PRIOR to orientation will leave you better prepared for your first day and you will get more out of orientation. Come with your questions—we expect them!

Aquifer Pediatrics Cases (Computer-Based Curriculum)

Prior to starting your clerkship, you should log into the Aquifer system to access the required computer-based cases. You will receive specific details about these cases during your on-site orientation. Go to Follow the instructions to sign in or register. You must use your UW email account to sign up (the program won’t recognize domains like gmail or Hotmail). If you have used the Aquifer cases in the past (FAMMED and Internal Medicine use the same system), you will use the same login information.

Pediatric Required Problem Set Exercises

To facilitate learning, we have developed a series of assignments and corresponding didactic sessions. To help you prepare for didactics, we created the materials linked here.

Pediatric Clerkship Assignment Tracker

You will be using The Pediatric Tracker to upload and log all of your completed assignments throughout the course of your clerkship. PDFs all of all required forms can be found linked on the Tracker. Access to the Pediatric Tracker is assigned to each user by their UW net ID. Link:

UWMC Badge

If you are assigned to UWMC Newborn Nursery, Harborview Pediatric Clinic and/or UW Medicine Pediatric Clinic, you will need a UWMC Badge. If you don’t have a UWMC badge, please contact the UWSOM Academic Affairs office in A300 (206-543-5560) to inquire if they already have a badge printed for you. If they do not already have your badge, they will provide you the necessary form to take to the UWMC Public Safety/Badging Office in BB120. You can find address and a link to directions to A300 in the UWMC here. The UWMC badge must be worn in the UWMC newborn nursery, Harborview Pediatric Clinic, and UW Medicine Pediatric Clinic (Roosevelt).

Here’s the info for the UWMC Public Safety/Badging Office:

Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 4:30PM.

Contact: 206-598-4909. No appointment is necessary.

A map of the Health Sciences Center is here. For BB-120, the letter(s) is the wing and it is on the 1st floor.

Make sure you bring a state-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.).

PEDS 665 Inpatient Information

You will spend two weeks of the four-week clerkship on inpatient with one of the Seattle Children’s wards teams. You will receive your team assignment at orientation on the first day of the clerkship.

Prior to starting the inpatient portion of your clerkship, please review the following materials. Students who start on inpatient will join their teams after the half-day orientation. Otherwise, you should plan to arrive in your team room in time for morning sign-out. Further information is in the materials below.

PEDS 665 Outpatient Information

You will spend one week of the four-week clerkship at a pediatric outpatient clinic in the Seattle area. You will receive your outpatient site assignment 2-4 weeks prior to the start of your clerkship.

Prior to starting the outpatient portion of your clerkship, please review your clinic’s welcome information linked below:

PEDS 665 “Mixed Tape” Information

You will spend one week of the four-week clerkship at a mix of shifts in the Seattle Children’s Emergency Department, caring for newborns at the UWMC or EvergreenHealth newborn nursery and at one or two half-day sub-specialty clinics at Seattle Children’s. There is also built-in non-scheduled time designed for self-study and prep. We affectionately call this portion of the clerkship “Mixed Tape”. You will receive your schedule for this week at the clerkship orientation, including your newborn nursery site and sub-specialty clinic assignments.

Prior to starting the mixed tape portion of your clerkship, please take time to review the materials here:

Seattle Children’s ED Experience

  • Here is the referenced PPT slideshow.

Newborn Nursery Experience (UWMC and EvergreenHealth)

Sub-specialty clinic welcome documents. Find and review the welcome documents for your assigned sub-specialty clinics.

Pagers and Additional Reading Materials

You will be issued a pager for the inpatient portion of your clerkship. There’s a cool pager info PDF here.

Recommendations for additional reading are listed below but are not mandatory for the pediatric clerkship:

“Blueprints in Pediatrics” USMLE by Marino/Snead/McMillan 5th or 6th edition.
Pediatric Clerkship Guide by J. Woodhead/Mosby
Saint-Frances Guide to Pediatrics by Migita/Christakis
Essentials of Pediatrics by Behrman & Kliegman
Oski’s Essential Pediatrics by Johnson & Oski
Pediatrics by Brown & Miller

We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Medical Student Office at 206-987-2008 or

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