Medical Student Rotations at Seattle Children's

COVID-19, PPE and Medical Students at SCH

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have experienced a possible or known exposure, please follow the procedures that can be accessed at This link will direct you to specific instructions for COVID-19 Exposure/Symptoms/Diagnosis Procedures. If you have any questions that are not addressed by the procedures outlined through this link, please contact Dr. Raye Maestas at Please include the Seattle Pediatric Medical Student Program ( in your communications.  

For the safety of the students, our patients and caregivers, as well as our care teams, Seattle Children’s is applying the following guidelines for all students on campus:

  • Individual screening occurs at all entrances. Any student with an elevated temperature or positive identification of symptoms will be sent home.
  • Students must maintain social distancing to the highest degree possible.
  • Students will wear appropriate PPE at all times.
  • Students will be issued a face shield and CAPR shield as a part of the sign-in and badging process at Seattle Children’s. DON’T LOSE THEM! You will only be issue one!
  • Students will be required to adhere to universal masking principles while on site. Seattle Children’s will provide appropriate masks for students.

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