Medical Student Rotations at Seattle Children's

PEDS 677 Pediatric Intensive Care

Where to report: After you have completed the sign-in and badging process in the Medical Student Office, you are clear to report as instructed in the documents linked below. Students on PEDS 677 mirror the resident schedule. During weekdays, the hours are 6:30AM to about 6:30PM. Call is every 4th night and you will go home post call at 6:30AM and not return to the hospital until the following day. Students do not work on weekends untless scheduled for call.

READ THESE DOCUMENTS prior to arriving for orientation on your first day:

Dear PICU Sub-I

PICU Resident Orientation Doc

Network & EMR Access at SCH, Remote Access Info & WiFi at SCH

Network and EMR Access at SCH: Students on this rotation are required to be up-to-date with any required SCH web-based EMR and safety training modules. You will receive information from the Medical Student Office on how to complete any required modules. Once you have completed the modules and the required sign-in and badging process, you will be given network and EMR access. To log into the Network at SCH, use the username provided by the Medical Student Office and password you set when you completed the web-based training.  You wil be prompted to change your password. SCH passwords must be at least 10 characters and include at least three of the following: one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, one special character. This is the same username and password you will use to login to the EMR.

Remote Network and EMR Access: In addition to access at SCH, medical students on this rotation have remote network and EMR access through the Okta Verify system. Follow the steps on the Remote Access Help Page to register with Okta Verify.

WiFi Access at SCH: Students can connect to WiFi at SCH through the Personal Device Network (CHILD).

SCH Call Room Access

Medical students at SCH on the PEDS 691 Advanced Pediatric Clerkship and PEDS 677 Pediatric Intensive Care rotations will be given badge access to the Medical Student call room. Effective October 28, 2019, the call room is pod RC.2.912, room RC.2.919 and should be used by medical students ONLY. If you find that a non-medical student is using the room, let the SCH Medical Student Office know.

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