Participating institutions

University of Washington
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

The University of Washington was founded in 1861 and is one of the oldest universities on the west coast.  Enrollment in 2023 was 33973 undergraduate and 16124 graduate and professional students. 53% of all UW awarded degrees are in STEM.  The UW receives more federal research dollars than any other U.S .public university: $1.87B in sponsored grants and contract; $1.52B federal funding; $.35B non-federal funding; 5,506 awards.

Faculty and staff include: 103 Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; 201 members of National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, including: Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators (8); National Academy of Sciences (95); National Academy of Medicine (formerly Institute of Medicine) (72); National Medal of Science (6); and Nobel Prize (7).

Over 15 departments participate in PREP and host PREP fellows via:

  • lab rotations
  • Department seminars
  • specialized courses

The Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center is home to three Nobel-laureates in Medicine and is one of the highest-ranked cancer research institutions in the country. It has established collaborations with other top research institutes such as The Allen Institute for Immunology and the Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine. Over five divisions participate in PREP and host PREP fellows through:

  • lab research mentoring
  • ethics and reproducibility training courses
  • seminars

Faculty from both institutions participate every year in PREP