Undergraduate Research Symposium

Congrats to all the mentees from the UWRCC Mentorship Program who presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at UW this past week. We are so proud of the hard work you have put in! For more information about the mentorship program click here!


Students Pictured (left to right)

“Machine Learning for the Automated Classification and Reduction of Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Data” Maddie Doerr, Yin Yin Low,Caitlyn Wolf, Lilo Pozzo

“Investigating Algorithmic Effects on Time Dependent Behavior of Quantum Molecular Systems” Jeffery Tian, Andrew WildmanXiaosong Li

“Deep Learning-Based Image Analysis to Extract Brain Region Features” Emily Rhodes, Emily Stansfield, Mike Mckenna, Elizabeth Nance

Students not pictured:

“Recognizing Base J from Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) Sequencing” Ivan S Montero, Aakash Sur


(RCC Mentors are underlined, and RCC Mentees are listed in bold)


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